Marisa Tomei’s Diet Secrets

Much of the recent spotlight has been on Sandra Bullock as the beacon of midlife beauty and redemption in Hollywood. Her career has experienced a very successful second act, and she’s solidified her place in fans’ hearts as they feel sympathy for her public split with the unfaithful Jesse James. But, another female Hollywood veteran has had a resurgence of her own.

Marisa Tomei got best supporting actress in My Cousin Vinny in 1992. But since the peak of her acting career in the early ’90s, she seemed to only occasionally pop up in high-profile projects. But with roles in such recent critical darlings as “The Wrestler,” “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,” and this year’s “Cyrus,” she has quietly crept back into the spotlight.

At 45, Tomei is still as beautiful as ever. So, how does she do it? In part, it comes down to her morning ritual: a cup of hot water with lemon, a boiled egg drizzled with a little olive oil or some fresh berries and granola with whole-milk yogurt.

“I never got into coffee,” says Tomei. “It may take me a little longer to get going than other people, but this just feels really cleansing in the morning.”

Another of her health secrets is that she likes to graze.

“I’m a person who has to eat!” she says. “I graze every few hours.”

(via: Shape)

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