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LES Labs Prostate Health is a men’s wellness product that is formulated to help improve urinary function and reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement, inflammation, and irritation. Their advertising says that it is useful for men that are suffering from issues like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP) to help reduce the pain, discomfort, and frustration that their conditions cause.

Their promotional materials also say that LES Labs Prostate Health can promote healthy urinary tract function, including reducing the amount of residual urine that gets trapped in the urethra. They use a proprietary formula of simple herbs and essential trace elements that could potentially slow or even reverse the growth of the prostate.

The prostate health product that has received the most positive feedback from past users, critics in the industry, and our own team of men’s health and wellness experts is called Prostatrinex. It has the top-ranked ingredients blend in the industry, using potent doses of the best herbs, amino acids, and basic core nutrients that are available without a doctor’s consultation. Follow this link to see more data about the different ways that Prostatrinex may be able to help you with your specific prostate needs.

How Does LES Labs Prostate Health Work?

As men age, their prostates tend to continue to grow in size due to factors like nutritional deficiencies, bacterial infections, inflammation, or conditions such as BPH and CP. This growth is generally harmless, however it can start to have an impact on the health and functionality of other biological functions.

The most common issues that prostate swelling causes are urinary in nature. This is because the prostate is located directly at the base of the bladder where it connects to the urethra. If the prostate gets too large, it can make it difficult for urine to be released naturally, which then causes other problems like pain, inconsistent urine stream, and difficulty ever fully emptying your bladder.

LES Labs Prostate Health uses ingredients that are designed to both slow the growth rate of the prostate, and potentially even reduce it in size. This includes saw palmetto, pygeum, and lycopene, which are our experts’ three top rated herbal ingredients for these purposes.

Saw palmetto is especially considered useful for products in this category, as it contains several different chemicals that can aid prostate health in a variety of ways. This includes reducing inflammation and soothing the pain and urinary difficulties that are associated with BPH and CP.

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One of those components is beta-sitosterol, which is also added in a 75mg dose separate from what is found in the saw palmetto. This is an especially low dose of beta-sitosterol, which is another of our team’s top rated ingredients for prostate health products.

Beta-sitosterol has been tested specifically for its benefits for men that have benign prostate hyperplasia, and it may be able to help them need to pee less frequently, reduce instances of urine getting trapped in the urethra, and generally reduce the pain and discomfort that can often accompany urination in men with BPH.

As effective as these ingredients are, they do not tend to use them in large enough quantities that our team of experts believe that they can be effective for meeting most men’s needs. LES Labs Prostate Health has one of the smallest overall dosage amounts of any product that our team has analyzed.

While every ingredient is going to be more effective or less effective in different dosage sizes, for a basis of comparison LES Labs Prostate Health only contains 500mg with all of its ingredients combined. This is easily 2-3 times less than the size of most other supplements that use similar ingredients blends, and is not likely to be potent enough to help men with all but the most mild symptoms.

This is especially true about the core nutrients that they use in their mix, zinc and copper, which are two of our team’s top rated essential trace elements for prostate health. Unfortunately, LES Labs Prostate Health only uses about half the amount of zinc that our team would recommend, and they do not include any other core ingredients like selenium, vitamin B6 or vitamin E.

This limits the effectiveness of LES Labs Prostate Health, as there are many men that especially need more of these basic nutrients than they are getting. For these individuals, LES Labs Prostate Health will be particularly ineffective. If users do chose to purchase LES Labs Prostate Health, it is recommended that they also add a secondary supplement that includes healthy doses of those vitamins and minerals mentioned above.

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Potential Benefits of LES Labs Prostate Health

LES Labs Prostate Health has weak dosages of potent ingredients, which overall means that it is a mild-strength prostate health product that has the potential to help some men improve their prostate health and urinary function, but that may not be adequate for helping others.

LES Labs Prostate Health will probably be able to slow the growth of the prostate somewhat, though actually shrinking it is unlikely unless it is swollen due to being particularly badly inflamed. It may also be able to reduce the effects of the symptoms of BPH and CP, including helping men to more completely void their bladders when they go to the bathroom.

It may also help men that have difficulty starting and stopping their urinary streams regain normal control over their bladder performance. This may include less pain and discomfort during the urinary process and a stronger, more consistent urine stream.

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Are There Side Effects of LES Labs Prostate Health?

There is very little risk of LES Labs Prostate Health having a negative impact on its users’ health. All of the ingredients in their blend are well-tolerated by the vast majority of men, and their dosage amounts are so small that there is very little chance that anyone will experience any serious side effects in either the short or the long term.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy LES Labs Prostate Health

LES Labs Prostate Health is sold through their own website, as well as through several independent supplement dealers. The price tends to be fairly consistent across dealers, and users should expect to be able to find it for prices similar to this:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-60-day supply) of LES Labs Prostate Health capsules: $29.99

This price is slightly below average for most other over the counter prostate health supplements, which makes sense given the common ingredients and smaller than average dosage sizes that they use. If potential consumers choose to purchase LES Labs Prostate Health, our team strenuously encourages them to add a secondary prostate health supplement that has a strong selection of core ingredients. This would make LES Labs Prostate Health much less cost effective, however users would also have a much better chance of getting the nutritional support that they need.

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Our Recommendation

It is very unlikely that LES Labs Prostate Health will have a negative impact on their users’ health and wellness, however it is also unlikely that most men with moderate or serious prostate issues will get the degree of support that they need from it either. It has a very small ingredients blend and very small dosages of those ingredients.

The result is a very limited prostate health product that is difficult to recommend. It does not have the basic core trace elements and vitamins that our team looks for, it has far less saw palmetto than most other successful brands, and it is unable to provide the long-term support that most men are looking for from products of this nature.

Our panel of nutrition and wellness experts believe that it will be easy for the vast majority of our readers to find a prostate health product that is more effective for their needs than LES Labs Prostate Health.

One example of this is Prostatrinex, which is always our team’s top recommendation to anyone that is looking for an over the counter prostate support product. It has been formulated to provide natural, well-rounded support for the prostate, the bladder, and bodily wellness in general.

It uses much more effective doses of all of the ingredients that are found in LES Labs Prostate Health, as well as a diverse selection of other effective herbs and core nutrients that are all highly recommended by our team of experts. Click here to see the complete nutrition information panel for Prostatrinex to see why it is considered so much more potent than other daily prostate health supplements.

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