“Huge” Weight Loss Series on ABC Family

The TV world is filled with shows on adult weight loss, but when it comes to kids’ weight issues, shows are nonexistent. Until now.

“Huge,” an upcoming show on ABC Family, is based on the young-adult novel of the same name by author Sasha Paley. “Huge,” which will premiere on Monday, June 28 is an hour-long drama series that centers around a group of teens who are attending and working at a weight loss summer camp, called Camp Victory.

Here is a sneak peek of the show:

Unlike most adult weight loss shows, which are reality series, “Huge” is a drama with actors and actresses, many of which may be familiar, including “Hairspray’s” Nikki Blonsky and Hayley Hasselhoff, daughter of David Hasselhoff.

While it still remains to be seen just what issues are addressed on “Huge,” creating a show that shines the light on childhood obesity can contribute greater awareness and hopefully more action towards this public health crisis. But if the show is simply a chubbier version of Beverly Hills 90210, then its potential for benefits will likely be hampered.

Modeling the show off of a Camp Shane, which is a well-respected and successful weight loss camp for kids located in New York state, will definitely make for real-life content as well as an honest and accurate portrayal of the myriad complexities of being an overweight teenager.

What I personally found a bit odd is that on the “Huge’s” official website, there is a very prominent ad for Snickers ice cream bars, despite the show’s claims that the website will feature tips, recommendations and a “Huge” panel of experts to help teens stay fit and healthy with a strong sense of self.

I don’t know about you, but I never knew that Snickers helped build self-esteem.

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