Gluten-Free Baking Products From America’s Oldest Flour Company

I love baguettes! Something about a fresh baked French stick to dip in olive oil or put on a yummy spread is such a delicious treat. As one of the thousands who must avoid wheat and/or gluten, I could never find an option that was gluten-free and suitable for my diet.

That is until I was introduced to King Arthur Flour Company. Founded in 1790, King Arthur Flour Company is America’s oldest flour company. Clearly they know what they are doing, and with the company being 100-percent employee owned, each individual is fully invested in its success and growth.

I had the opportunity to speak with King Arthur’s media relations manager to get an overview of their new gluten-free product line, which includes seven mixes (cakes, cookies, pizza crusts, pancakes, muffins, and of course, brownies) along with a multi-purpose flour. These gluten-free products were placed on the market February and March 2010. The company had been working on the development for more than two years to ensure good quality, and most importantly, good taste. As all of us gluten-free eaters know, there are good gluten-free products and then those I would rather pass along to my dog.

Back to my baguette, I found this recipe Artisan Bread – Gluten-Free Baguettes, and as you can see from the photos alone I could barely keep my excitement in at the thought of having one of those for myself. I utilized both the gluten-free multi-purpose flour and ancient grains, which is also gluten-free from King Arthur, and spent my afternoon in the kitchen testing out my own version of these baguettes.

When the time came to pull the three individual baguettes out of my oven, I had a bowl of fresh olive oil ready for a dip to take my first bite. I won’t lie, it did not fully hold up against regular French bread, but as an alternative, it was still delicious.

I really enjoyed baking with the multi-purpose flour and suggest it as a great option to use and an alternative to Bob’s Red Mill products, which are also very good. Unfortunately for me, King Arthur’s gluten-free mixes all entail using eggs, which I also have to avoid and have been unable to sample. I would love to get our readers’ feedback on what they think of the mixes to share with our gluten-free community.

The products are available in grocery stores in all 50 states. To locate stores near you visit their store locator. For additional gluten-free information, visit our gluten-free series:

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Please leave your comments below for those who have tried King Arthur’s products. We would love to hear from you.

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