Biggest Loser Q&A and Giveaway with Mike Morelli

mike morelli

UPDATE: Mike Morelli’s answers are posted here.

The winners were drawn and notified: Grand prize went to Amanda Clegg and the runner-up prize went to Tyler. Thanks to everyone who posted questions!

We all have burning questions we’d love to ask the contestants of the Biggest Loser. And we’re giving you that chance. Help us welcome Mike Morelli to as our newest Biggest Loser Correspondent by asking him a question you’ve always wanted answered. Mike will be responding via video to answer five questions and help readers gain a better knowledge of what life is like for these weight loss super stars.

All you have to do is post your question below in the comments section by Sunday, June 28, 2009.

We’ll also be giving away a Biggest Loser Prize Pack to two readers –

1. biggest loser dan evansEveryone who leaves a question below will be eligible to win a drawing for a Dan Evans CD (season five), “Goin’ All Out,” and a Biggest Loser CD, “Biggest Loser Workout Mix: 70’s Disco Hits.” (Value $24.00)

2. Those questions selected for Mike to answer will be eligible to win a drawing for a package to include a 3-month Biggest Loser Club pass, Dan Evans CD, and a Filter for Good Nalgene bottle. (Value $80.00)

Be sure to leave your question below for Mike by Sunday, June 28, 2009, and then find out who won and see Mike’s answers first in the Biggest Loser Newsletter next week.

DISCLAIMER: Eligibility requires a question asked via the comments section below this blog post with valid email address included in the form by June 28, 2009. One (1) Dan Evans and One (1) Biggest Loser Workout CD will be sent to a reader drawn at random from all questions submitted. One (1) Biggest Loser Club 3-month pass, One (1) Dan Evans CD, and One (1) Filter for Good Nalgene bottle will be sent to a reader drawn at random from those whose questions were answered. Winners will be notified via the email address provided via the comment form. is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, nor failed shipments due to user providing an incorrect address. may replace the prize with one of equal value if prize is not available; not redeemable for cash.

123 Responses to Biggest Loser Q&A and Giveaway with Mike Morelli

  1. andy says:


    Who was the hardest competitor you faced on the biggest loser and which event was the toughest for you to complete?

  2. Linda says:


    I really struggle with motivation. I have never been more than 70 pounds overweight in my life (although for my height, that keeps me in the obese category) and have recently only been about 35 pounds overweight, but I am extremely healthy and fit (exercise regularly and eat moderately well). How do you stay motivated when you are already looking great and feel good? I know that I could look a lot better, but I can still do the things I want to do and I have no health problems. Do you have any advice for me to stay motivated?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Jeanie says:

    Hi Mike, Since you have learned so much at the ranch and also taught yourself how to keep the weight off while you’ve been home, would you consider creating and marketing your own workout and diet plan?

  4. Whitney says:

    Mike, of course life on TBL is different than at home life and I was wondering how you went about balancing a workout life, a home life and a social life altogether. I’ve been an athlete my entire life but still know that there is a time and place for some chocolate cake (I believe life is short and that if I exercise and eat right, I can from time to time have a treat) : ) How do you incorporate treats or rewards into your new lifestyle?

  5. Maria says:

    When you see pictures of yourself before you lost weight, how do you feel? Does it bring back a lot of pain or have you forgiven that person? How does it feel to conquer a goal you never thought possible?

    Good job Mike. You did amazing on the Biggest Loser and not only with weight but with your heart. Your heart was so big and you touched many peoples lives on and off the show. Keep doing good work young man! You can touch a whole nation if you try!! God Bless!

  6. Hockey.Town.Mom says:

    Hi Mike,

    do you go off your program (as far as your eating)? How do you recover from that?


  7. Anne Marie says:

    How do you feel about facebook groups like “Cougars for Mike Morelli?” Has the celebrity aspect of being on Biggest Loser affected your love life??

  8. Julie says:

    What do you eat before and after workouts?

  9. Hi! Since you are younger are you going to have to get plastiv surgery for your extra skin? I am 21 and lost 140 lbs and I plan to have surgery once I lose it all.

  10. richelle Ross says:

    Mike, I feel that I have weight to lose but when I try to get help from friends, they tell me I don’t have anything to lose ( being 190 lbs, 5’4″, 24 years old. with most of the weight in my stomach, I do)

    After you’ve lost all that weight do you feel you still have more to lose? and do people tell you otherwise?

  11. Dena says:

    Wanna go on a date?

  12. Bea George says:

    Congratulations Mike on all your accomplishments. You have been a true inspiration in my own weight loss struggles.
    What I would like to know is:
    Now that you’re at a healthy body weight, what would you like to accomplish next (through all you’ve learned from the hard work you have already put in)?

  13. Donna B. says:

    I just wanted to tell you how proud I was/am of you! I am also very happy for your Dad & now for Max. You all deserve the best.

    My question is, when can I meet you? LOL

    I am disabled since birth and finally lost over 100 lbs without being able to exercise. I did it using Nutrisystem and have kept it off.

  14. Brian Oakes says:

    How is your brother doing? You so need to get him on the next season, he deserves it. Are you guys thinking about that? Plus, it would be great ratings for NBC, no….?

  15. Andrea says:

    How do you stay motivated? i lost 40lbs in 3 months then all of a sudden went back to my old ways, any advice?

  16. Patty says:

    Hi Mike,

    I enjoyed watching your progress over the last season of BL. I was truly disappointed that you did not win. You so deserved it!

    My question to you is…

    What was it that happened to your hip when you were training for the marathon? That was never really explained on the show…and has it stopped bothering you now? It must have been something as you had to WALK the entire marathon!

    Hope you are able to stay the course and maintain your weight as is!

    Good luck!!

  17. Julie W says:

    The Biggest Loser changed your life probably more than any of “us” will ever be able to understand. What are your new “goals/passions” for the future as you begin this new chapter in life? How has the experience with the Biggest Loser helped you in these pursuits?

  18. Sue Zazo says:

    Question: Looking back on the show, if you could change one thing, what would it be?

    See you around in South Lyon! We Love You!
    Sue Z.

  19. Kelly says:


    I couldn’t get enough of your season and I think that being a “big” michigander born and bread myslef is what kept me attached! I felt so alone and you broguht out so many feelings that I cried probably as much if not more than you.

    My question is…

    What was the most amazing part of being on the ranch, like when did it click in your mind and make you realise this needed to be done and you couldn’t stop until you reached your goal?

    I hope that you continue to put up posts to meet you since so far all the ones close to me I counldn’t make, I had low back surgery in april.

  20. Tammy says:

    How hard is to diet/workout at home with all the distractions of friends, family, etc?

  21. Erica says:

    Do you plan on visiting any other states for appearances? I live in Florida and would love to hear you speak and meet you. Congrats on all your success and best of luck to you and your family!

  22. Amanda Conley says:

    Hey Mike!
    We met at the Better Health Food store in Novi. There is one question that I don’t think anyone asked while we were there.
    While trying to lose weight how important do you think strength training is? How often do you up your weight? It was great meeting you and don’t forget to email the recipes!!!! 🙂

  23. Amanda Conley says:

    Oh I thought of another question.
    Do you workout with friends? And would you work out with fans, if they asked?

  24. Kathryn says:

    If you had to sum up in one sentence everything that you learned on the ranch, about fitness, health, diet, exercise, and yourself… what would it be?

  25. Julia says:

    First of all, you are an incredible inspiration to me. Your story and your success is what motivated me to start excercising in the first place. Every time I want to give up I think of you and it pushes me to continue. My question: do you ever regret missing most of your senior year to be on the biggest loser?

    You’re awesome and I wish you the best!

  26. Ashley A says:


    I always wondered if you still keep in touch with Bob and Jillian? If so, which one do you keep in touch with more, and is it more of a friendship relationship, or more of just checking up on each other for only a minute or two?

    (PS: Can I have your number? x] Jk. I don’t think you are interested in 13 year olds ;] )

  27. Jamie Gulden says:

    Hows your bothers weight loss going?

  28. Kathy says:

    Mike, I just wanted to ask you how long a week really was between weigh in’s. With all the big losses, I was just wondering if a biggest loser week for instance is 10 days instead of 7 or…a different amount of days. I hope that dont sound like a crazy question. Just curious in the tv world if you had any extra days in your week. Also, thank you for inspiring everyone in the country. You are a real sweetheart and I wish you well. Keep that great attitude and kindness you have. 🙂 You deserve to be happy and we all are so proud of you.

  29. gerrie says:

    Hi Mike,
    First I want to congratulate you on your phenomenal weight loss.
    My questions are about balancing the mental weight loss with the physical weight loss.
    How long did it take you to get your logical and emotional mind/self focused on the ‘new you’?
    When were you able to believe that a new body could and would emerge from your hard work if you stuck to it?
    Logic tells us that with a proper diet and exercise routine, we will lose weight….but emotionally, were you able to see it?
    Instead of being a self-starter, I tend to self-sabotager… I just want to thank you and your family for the inspiration.

  30. Dora says:

    Mike,first I want to confradulate you on all you have accoplished,I started exercising a little over 4 weeks ago and have lost 16 poundd and 6 and a half inches total.I have a long way to go I am the only one in my household that is trying to loose weight and to live a healthier life ,my husbanfd is also overweight but it not interested in losing the weight,most of the time I can stay focused but somedays it ishard when you are on this journey alone ,so my guestion is how to staymotivated and focused and to know what my balance is,I am very serious about loosing the weight and livinf a heathier life,I sure could use your advice

  31. Cheryl G. says:

    Mike…I think motivation is so important in any weight loss program. It’s easy to see that the competition, the trainers support, support of your fans, and the motivation of winning money on the show were all great motivators for you, but what is your motivation now that you are back in ‘the real world’?? It has to be hard not to get back into the old eating habits once home from the ranch!!

  32. Karen says:

    Hi Mike, what are the first 2-3 things someone sevrely overweight and out of shape should do to lose the weight? (after approval from a physician) I’m thinking particularly of your dad. Was the pool used more to prevent impact injury? Was there much emphasis on drinking a lot of water? etc. Congrats on the lifestyle change the the weight loss.

  33. Karen says:

    As a teenager who recently lost a lot of weight; what changes should schools and parents make to prevent obesity in children? would you advocatge more PE classes, more nutritious lunch, etc.

  34. Elizabeth Ray says:

    I’ve heard a lot of very negative talk about what goes on behind the scenes on the Biggest Looser campus – for instance, that contestants are encouraged to eat and drink a great deal before the first weigh-in, to maximize their starting weight. Is this true? We don’t really hear a whole lot about the diet aspect on the show. I know that for me, dieting is far harder than working out. Of course, I don’t know how long you actually work out each day while on campus.

  35. paula helm says:

    Mike, are you still helping your brother? Are u going to have anymore walks in south lyon? What went wrong with your legs on the run on the show?

  36. Kathy Scott says:

    How does milk help you lose weight?

  37. vanessa says:

    What steps should someone who wants to lose weight take? I feel so lost about it.

  38. sandy says:

    how have you gotten rid or have you disabled your enablers for eating and food

  39. Mishia says:

    What motivated you to keep on going everyday?

  40. Molly Capel says:

    I’ve always wondered how many hours a day you work out, when you were at the ranch.

  41. James Gillespie says:

    Hey Mike,

    Wanted to ask you if they taught you quick ways to fix “healthy meals” to help keep you on track or that helped with your weight loss? In this “BUSY” lifestyle we all lead, I think many of us do the “fast food” thing for a quick bite or meal.. Probably more than less. I know for our family of six, with two working parents, its not always easy to come home and fix a good , healthy meal quickly so that we are not eating late in the evening. Thanks for any suggestions or answers!

  42. Nanette O says:

    Did losing all that weight make you happier?

  43. Hannah says:

    so whats it like all of a sudden becoming a weight loss idol?

  44. Erica S says:

    How’s Max doing??

  45. Ed Nemmers says:

    Do you enjoy shopping for textiles with a new form to put them in?

  46. Kate says:

    As a part of the show you get access to time, trainers and nutritionists that a lot of us can’t afford to get. What is your advice to how to stay fit and healthy without having a personal trainer?

  47. I had heard you say that while you were on the ranch you were not allowed to have your cell phone, no T.V. or computer, how did you keep yourself sain during the time when you weren’t working out? what did you do to pass the time without any of those objects to entertain you?

  48. Sharon Seneker says:

    I also wonder how your brother is doing. He seemed so happy for you and your Dad but sad that he didn’t get to participate and lose weight too! My question as a huge Biggest Loser fan is do you have any obligations to the Biggest Loser now that your competition/season is over? Do you have a contract? Congratulations!

  49. hazel hunt says:


  50. autie says:

    How do you keep motivated to exercise when you are ill?

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