Yoga to the Rescue Books Provide Light-Hearted Relief for the Modern Woman

I am often asked by women in need of a little stress relief if I can recommend a book that will help them incorporate yoga into their crazy and hectic lives. I realize how many yoga books on the market are not speaking to the modern woman (one who is pulled in so many different directions without a chance to catch her breath), but instead seem to be appealing to a population that is seeking to completely abandon the to-do list in favor of adopting a pure and perfect lifestyle.

Just recently, I discovered two fun, light-hearted books that explain how to enjoy the benefits of yoga without having to give up everything in hopes of someday being flawless.

yoga to rescue

Amy Luwis of RescueGirl and the author of these wonderful books explains how you can make yoga fit perfectly into your perhaps not-so-perfect lifestyle.

Clever illustrations don each page, including tips from adorable dogs, birds, cats, and other “little helpers” making this book such a wonderful joy to read. Health advice ranges from dieting to detoxing and is presented in a clear manner by Luwis, who is not only passionate about yoga, but also well informed about the proper way to do a pose and why yoga is of great benefit.

Aside from the technically correct instruction, the brilliant expression of useful information, and the light-hearted approach to yoga and life, Luwis has achieved her goal of wanting to help women love who we are, regardless of what we do, don’t do, say, don’t say, feel, or don’t feel.

One of the many unique qualities that makes Luwis’ books, Yoga to the Rescue: Remedies for Real Girls, and Yoga to the Rescue: Ageless Beauty, stand out from other yoga books, is the message to women that it is acceptable to be imperfect, and we certainly don’t have to be perfect to practice yoga.

In addition to being an inspiration to women all over the country, Luwis is a huge asset to the animal-loving community. Co-founding Adopt-A-Pet, America’s largest online pet adoption service, Luwis stays true to her heart in being the ultimate rescue girl by creating this organization that works hard to find loving homes for hundreds of animals that would otherwise be euthanized.

Needless to say, since I’ve discovered the Yoga to the Rescue books, I don’t hesitate recommending them to anyone wanting a sweet, practical, real-life guide to yoga. And, they are not just for women, as my husband has enjoyed reading them, too.

Visit and discover Luwis’ tips and illustrations in the handy Yoga for Real Girls yoga deck, as well as her unique gift cards, pins, and magnets.

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