Saturday Morning Drills: Strong Sexy Arms in No Time

Ever wonder how all the celebrities always have gorgeous arms? Well, yes maybe they were born with it but they all have to work at it to get the definition and strength. Follow these four easy moves, three times a week and pretty soon you’ll be looking for a red carpet to walk down!

To get ready for these moves you’ll need a resistance band and dumbbells.


This exercise will make you look sexier in your tank top in no time! While standing place one end of the resistance band under your right foot. With your right hand hold the other end and bend your arm by your ear. Making sure there is some resistance in the band, slowly lift and extend your arm straight up in the air. Pause for a second or two and slowly lower back down. The whole time make sure you are keeping proper form and keep your arm near your head. Do 15 reps then switch sides. Do a total of three sets on each side.

Bicep Curl

This move will help you get strong sexy shaped arms. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. With a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing your thighs, slowly raise the dumb els up until they almost touch your shoulder. Pause for a moment and slowly lower back down to your thighs. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Front Raises

To get sexy strong shoulders like first lady Michelle Obama, do this move. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. With a dumbbell in each arm, palms facing the front of your thighs. Slowly raise the dumbbells in front of you until your arm is even with your shoulders. Pause for a second and slowly lower back down to the front of your thighs. Do three sets of 15 reps.


Wrap the resistance band around a doorknob, hold one end in each hand, and take three to five steps backward. Bend elbows 90 degrees, keeping upper arms close to your body, palms facing in. Then, keeping elbows bent, pull arms behind you while squeezing shoulders together and pushing chest out. You should feel it in your middle back. Release arms and repeat. Do three sets of 15 reps.

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