Progesterone Cream Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Progesterone Cream is a topical solution that delivers the natural steroid hormone progesterone into the blood stream. Progesterone Cream is used during menopause to help increase production of the hormone.

Progesterone Cream helps restore the drop off of progesterone in women during and after menopause, offering overall hormonal balance to those using this product. The idea here is, boosting progesterone levels will improve metabolism, reduce anxiety and depression and prevent overgrowth of breast and uterine tissue.

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Progesterone Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Progesterone Cream is made from a variety of manufacturers, but most products contain some combination of soy isoflavones, wild yam extract or other sources of phytohormones. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in a typical natural Progesterone Cream:

Wild Yam Extract Soy Isoflavones

Wild Yam Extract: A plant that can be made into various steroid hormones like DHEA or estrogen, wild yam is often used as an alternative to estrogen therapy for treating menopause symptoms, PMS or menstrual cramps.

Soy Isoflavones: Soy beans, as well as other plants, contain a compound known as isoflavones, which are thought to change while inside the body into phytoestrogens—plant-based hormones thought to mimic the effects of estrogen naturally found inside the human body.

  • Side effects may include bloating, constipation or gas. Those with soy allergies or sensitivities should avoid products containing this ingredient.
  • Side effects associated with progesterone creams may include adrenal fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and more.
  • More serious side effects may include breast cancer, blood clots, heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism.

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Progesterone Cream Quality of Ingredients

Progesterone Cream relies on a couple key ingredients, wild yam extract and soy isoflavones to deliver the advertised benefits. Though the name makes it sound like this product is a traditional hormone therapy treatment, it’s made from plant extracts and a variety of binders and skin soothers like aloe vera and jojoba seed oil.

While both soy and wild yam have been shown to have some positive effects as natural treatments for menopause and other conditions affected by hormone levels inside the body, we’re not sure if using a topical solution is as effective as actually taking these ingredients orally in a traditional supplement.

One thing worth noting is, we did come across several positive reviews for Progesterone Cream though women have been using this product to treat a wide range of conditions from menopause to endometriosis and even have been using this as a face cream to combat the effects of aging.

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The Price and Quality of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone Cream is sold on several e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Jet, iHerb, GNC and more. This product has been around for quite some time and is easy to find.

Progesterone Cream is sold in a 4-ounce container, as well as an 8-ounce container, which sell on Amazon for $18.70 and $39.99, respectively, with free shipping for Prime members. The suggested retail price for this product is $22 for 2 ounces and $34 for four ounces, and prices vary across platforms.

The manufacturer does not sell this product, though they do have plenty of information for users looking to track down a  jar for themselves and provide an MSRP for retailers that carry this product.

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Business of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone Cream is made by a company known as Source Naturals. Here’s their contact information, according to the official website:

Phone: (800) 815-2333

Address: Source Naturals
Customer Service Department
23 Janis Way
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Source Naturals is an established manufacturer of all kinds of natural supplements. They’ve been around since the early 1980s and make a number of products that combine herbal ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals.

While users can’t buy directly from Source Naturals, they do provide a store finder for both online and brick and mortar carriers, and have included plenty of wellness articles and information about their philosophy, charitable works and more.

What the site is missing, however, is more detailed information regarding how this product works—especially since ingredients are delivered through the skin rather than orally—nor if there are any clinical studies that have been conducted on the product or individual ingredients.

It’s clear this company is reputable, and consumers don’t need to worry about customer service issues as Progesterone Cream is primarily available from major retailers. But, widespread availability doesn’t ensure this is the best choice on the market, and we’re still not convinced of its overall efficacy.

Customer Opinions of Progesterone Cream

Before we dive in, there are a wide range of reviews for this product, since it’s been around for so long and is quite easy to find. Most reviews for Progesterone Cream have been positive, but there are a significant amount of users who were somewhat disappointed with the results they got from taking this product. Here’s a look at how this cream worked for previous customers:

“We tried to get pregnant for years before conceiving our now-two-year-old child. I’m not sure if it was the cream, but I think it definitely played a role in getting my hormones in order.”

“This product helped me reduce the effects of endometriosis and have more normal periods that don’t go on forever. I’m so glad I started taking this —I was so uncomfortable before.”

“Be careful. I used this product for three months and thought it was fantastic, I was feeling less anxious and moody, but after trying to take a break from this stuff, it felt like I was going through withdrawals”

“I’ve been using a wild yam cream for years, and thought this cream would help compound the benefits I’ve seen from the wild yam. It’s been completely ineffective. Save your money and skip the soy.”

Progesterone Cream has a lot of good reviews, but one thing that came up repeatedly was the unpleasant smell of the lotion. It’s also hard to get a good sense of what the best indication for this product is, as many people of all different ages with varying conditions have used this—we’re seeing a lot of people that have had some success in conceiving as well as those with just general hormonal imbalances using this cream, with mixed results.

While many of the reviews suggest promising results, we’re not entirely sure this is the most potent menopause solution on the market, though it may have some effects.

Some users will likely find that taking these ingredients orally may yield better results, as can a supplement that contains a broader range of herbal ingredients known to relieve symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats, as well as regulate moods and energy levels.

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Conclusion – Does Progesterone Cream Work?

Based on the information we found for this product, we feel that there may be more potent solutions on the market for women suffering from more severe symptoms of menopause.

While it’s evident that Progesterone Cream has an effect on the way hormones act inside the female body, there were far too many uses to get a good sense of whether this product can effectively treat specifically menopausal symptoms, or if it’s better used as a way to boost fertility or find some relief from endometriosis or other menstrual conditions.

While there’s not really any clear explanation as to why there was a user that mentioned she experienced some withdrawal symptoms after trying to stop using this product, this statement has led us to believe that there may be some potential for risk associated with taking this product. Users should discuss incorporating Progesterone Cream into their daily routine with their doctor to see if there is any reason for concern.

Finally, it seems that the smell of this product, as well as the fact that users should wait for this product to dry may make it less appealing for consumers. It might be more cost effective to use a topical cream, but an oral solution may yield better (and more convenient) results.

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