Ostaderm Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Ostaderm is a transdermal cream used to reduce the severity of menopause symptoms with daily use. Ostaderm may help with vaginal dryness, breast pain, mood swings, low energy, hot flashes and night sweats.

Ostaderm features only one active ingredient, progesterone, which may even out the hormone ratios in the body, providing relief and balance. This product may be used on the inner, upper thigh, abdomen or the soft part of the upper arms for best results.

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Ostaderm Ingredients and Side Effects

Ostaderm, again, only contains a single active ingredient, progesterone. The rest of the ingredients are a combination of binders and skin conditioning items used to improve the application experience. Here’s a look at how progesterone can be effective for women during menopause and beyond:


Progesterone: Though progesterone may be made inside the human body, most progesterone creams feature progesterone derived from plant sources like wild yam.

Progesterone may be used to induce a menstrual period in non-menopausal women who have not had a period, as well as improve the condition of women suffering from various conditions like PMS, PMDD or endometriosis.

During menopause, progesterone production drops off, causing an imbalance in the body, which may cause many of the common symptoms of menopause—hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue and more. All of which progesterone cream aims to treat with regular use.

In addition to the above benefits, progesterone may improve the condition of vaginal tissues and the lining of the uterus, as well as prevent hormone sensitive cancers like endometrial cancer and breast cancer.

  • Side effects may include breast pain, headaches, dizziness, joint pain, coughing, acne, hot flashes, increased hair growth and more.

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Ostaderm Quality of Ingredients

Ostaderm is made from plant-based progesterone, which has been known to be useful in helping some women deal with the common symptoms associated with menopause, as well as other conditions that are connected to hormone imbalances.

Progesterone isn’t the only component in treating menopause, yet it’s the only active ingredient in Ostaderm. This could be a useful supplement for certain women, but it seems that those suffering from severe menopausal symptoms may need something a little bit stronger than this. Something that contains estrogenic properties or additional herbs used to support the whole body.

Additionally, our look at the formulation used to make this product revealed that Ostaderm does not contain any elements that set this apart from any other progesterone creams on the market. For this reason, we likely wouldn’t recommend Ostaderm to our readers.

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The Price and Quality of Ostaderm

Ostaderm is sold on the official website, but the makers of this product have restricted access to users who have a professional medial license, rather than member of the general public. Because of the red tape, we don’t know what the list price for this product is.

Despite attempts to limit who is able to buy and sell this cream, users can buy this product on Amazon at a rate of $35 per 2-ounce tube.

This price point seems rather high, as we’ve come across a number of products containing plant-based progesterone creams offered at nearly half the rate of this particular product. There’s nothing about this product that seems any different in quality or quantity that justifies the higher price, but people do seem to be buying.

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Business of Ostaderm

Ostaderm is made by a company called Bezwecken. They can be reached through the channels listed below:

Phone: 800.743.2256

Email: info@bezwecken.com

Address: Corporate Address:
29200 SW Town Center Loop E.
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Bezwecken is a product line designed by a naturopath by the name of David K. Shefrin, who founded this company based on the promise of delivering high quality natural supplements at an affordable rate. Though, based on the Amazon price, we’re not entirely sure if this is true.

The site itself is rather plain, and fails to offer much information for users who are looking to dive deeper in to why any item in the Bezwecken line might be worth trying.

This company sells exclusively to healthcare practitioners (despite some of those practitioners selling on Amazon to end consumers), as they believe in the importance of a patient-doctor relationship.

We’re inclined to agree, as any supplement, cream or prescription medication aimed at addressing hormone balance does pose the risk of certain side effects. Users should talk to a healthcare professional before taking any hormone-enhancing products.

Customer Opinions of Ostaderm

Ostaderm has a rather large pool of reviews, especially when you take into consideration the fact that this company has tried to restrict online, direct-to consumer sales. Results were a blend of people who either loved the product or really didn’t find it useful. Here’s look at what some people had to say after using Ostaderm:

“This is not effective. Took this product as directed for a few months after a similar item I really loved was discontinued. I loved the idea that this product contained plant-based ingredients, but this sucked.”

“This product is not what  I was expecting. Don’t waste your money, I’m still having hot flashes, night sweats, weird swelling and more. After three weeks, I’m throwing in the towel with Ostaderm.”

“My gyno took me off estrogen, but didn’t object to my trying some natural solutions to stay in balance so to speak. It didn’t help much, I’ll keep looking for something that does a little more for my symptoms.”

“This stuff is pretty great. My naturopath suggested this product and it’s been a lifesaver, no side effects so far and my hot flashes are starting to become less of a problem. Not perfect, but happy enough so far.”

Ostaderm has good reviews, but at least half of the ones we came across did not leave glowing feedback after giving this a try. The main concerns people brought up were the lack of effectiveness, the price and the fact that this product was often recommended as a replacement for another menopause treatment that is no longer available.

A large percentage of users mentioned that this product was suggested as a replacement for a product known as Phyto B, but did not provide the same level of relief as the discontinued product.

Based on the bulk of the feedback we’ve looked over we feel that it’s safe to say that users can expect minimal results from using this product. No one brought up whether it worked to treat anything other than hot flashes, and even that indication didn’t seem especially consistent.

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Conclusion – Does Ostaderm Work?

After looking at the full scope of Ostaderm, from the ingredients to the product reviews and the company website, we likely would not recommend this product to people looking for a product that addresses all aspects if menopause, not something that may have a slight effect on hot flashes only.

Ostaderm may be effective for people with a progesterone deficiency or who are looking for a way to reduce some milder menopause symptoms, but most of the people who reviewed this product were disappointed in the general lack of efficacy. No one brought up whether this worked to increase energy or mood, nor if it helped with sleep or night sweats.

Based on the information listed above, it’s clear that there are better solutions on the market for people looking to improve their menopause symptoms and start feeling more like themselves again. While progesterone is useful for many people, it may be worthwhile for menopausal users to look for something that contains progesterone as part of an herbal formula, rather than the sole active ingredient.

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