Mom’s Health

As a working mother of a toddler, I can see how easy it is to fall into the trap of taking care of anyone else, but not yourself. For me, I make a strong commitment every day to wake up early, very early, before my daughter rises so that I can have one hour, minimum, to myself to do my yoga practice. It’s my time and with the day that lies ahead of me, I need it. From the peace it engenders to the amazing physical workout it is, it’s how I take care of myself.

Being a mother is inexpressibly hard and rewarding work. I’ve seen moms forget about their own needs and place the needs of their families first. It happens all too often and one of the first things that we sacrifice is our own health. Whether it’s not exercising, eating leftover mac & cheese for breakfast as we clean cereal bowls and empty juice glasses or simply forgetting who we are – it happens.

So for me, Mother’s Day isn’t about getting flowers or a card from my daughter with her scribbles on much as I LOVE and cherish her artistic endeavors, it’s more about remembering that in order for me to be the mother I want and dream about being, I must take care of myself. And I have faith that my commitment to taking care of myself physically and emotionally will serve my daughter ten-fold in the years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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