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What is it?

Kokoro Balance Cream is a natural progesterone cream that seeks to balance the progesterone to estrogen ratio inside the body. Kokoro Balance Cream can be used by women who are in menopause, as well as those who are still menstruating.

Kokoro Balance Cream is made with wild yam as the active ingredient, and touts a PETA-approved animal-friendly formula as one of its key benefits. This product targets a range of hormonal conditions—from treating menopause related hot flashes and night sweats, to helping users with PCOS, PMS or painful menstrual periods.

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Kokoro Balance Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Kokoro Balance Cream contains only two active ingredients, plus some added components that help soothe the skin and make the cream easy to apply. Here’s a look at what’s inside this cream:

Wild Yam Extract Progesterone

Wild Yam Extract: Wild yam is often promoted for its use as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. This ingredient may help improve energy levels, PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps and bone health.

Wild yam is often given to women during menopause for its ability to treat hot flashes and night sweats, as well as the full range of symptoms common at this stage in life.

Progesterone: Progesterone is made naturally in the ovaries following ovulation each month. During menopause, progesterone progesterone drops off, creating an imbalance in the body.

While progesterone is found in the body, it may also be made using plant-based ingredients. Progesterone may help users treat headaches, low libido, hot flashes, mood swings and menstrual irregularities.

  • Side effects may include diarrhea, joint pain, dizziness, hot flashes, breast pain or tenderness, coughing, increased hair growth and acne.

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Kokoro Balance Cream Quality of Ingredients

Kokoro Balance Cream doesn’t exactly stand out from any other natural progesterone cream. The formula contains two forms of wild yam, though it’s not especially clear why the makers of this product listed wild yam extract and wild yam sourced progesterone separately.

Wild yam is a well-known natural menopause solution, and as a result, we do believe that consumers are likely to see some results from using this product. We’re just not sure if it delivers relief from all symptoms on its own.

This product may help users with some problems associated with menopause but we’re not entirely convinced that it can resolve all issues related to balance during menopause. Some users may require more than just progesterone, and for that reason, we believe there are more effective options out there than Kokoro Balance Cream.

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The Price and Quality of Kokoro Balance Cream

Kokoro Balance Cream is not sold direct to consumers, rather, Kokoro works with affiliates who sell the product in their behalf. The suggested retail price for a 2-ounce jar is $25.99, though Amazon is currently selling this size for $18.

The list price for the larger, 3.3-ounce container is $39.99, but it also may be found for a lower price. Again, Amazon offers this at a discounted rate, $29.10.

Kokoro Balance Cream is priced a bit higher than many of its competitors. For example, most progesterone creams are less than $15 and contain just about the same formula. While a few dollars isn’t exactly a huge difference, users may not see the point of investing more in a menopause solution that doesn’t demonstrate a higher quality.

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Business of Kokoro Balance Cream

Kokoro Balance Cream made and sold by a company known as Kokoro Health:

Phone: 714-836-7749

Email: info@kokorohealth.com

Address: 17731 Irvine Blvd

STE 102

Tustin, California 92780

Kokoro is a California company that sells supplements for both men and women, as well as a line of beauty products. The site itself is pretty sparse and relies on information sourced from Amazon to flesh out its product descriptions.

The site offers little explanation in regard to who should be using this cream, how it works and why certain ingredients made the cut.

Kokoro does link to another website for further information about the use of progesterone creams in general, but there’s something to be desired from the official site from a consumer point of view.

Overall, Kokoro could do a better job explaining how their products work. The site feels a bit confusing and doesn’t fully flesh out the ideas it brings up. The outside progesterone-themed webpage, for example, gives users a few articles, but again, there’s nothing really substantial listed to educate potential buyers.

Customer Opinions of Kokoro Balance Cream

Kokoro Balance Cream has some clear cut pros and cons, though they seem to differ based on user. Here’s a look at some of the experiences past customers shared after using this product:

“Okay, this product is great in a lot of ways. I’m sleeping through the night , my mood has improved and there’s no hangover. But, I work out 5x a week and can’t lose any weight and still get hot flashes.”

“Started taking this product as my progesterone-estrogen balance was way out of whack. It helped with hot flashes, but not night sweats. Hair loss stopped, but I had acne, bloating and weight gain.”

“This product gave me horrible side effects. My breast size grew by two cup sizes, I was tired, depressed and gained 20lbs. Plus, I spent hundreds of dollars over several months. I’d avoid messing with hormones.”

“This product has worked really well for me. I had been dealing with hot flashes and unfortunately, hair loss. My hair is growing back and the flashes have been reduced significantly. This is great!”

Kokoro Balance Cream seems to have more reviews that cite weight gain and excessive bleeding as a negative effect. Still, users mostly had positive things to say—it seems to consistently curb hair loss, but doesn’t seem to help a great deal with night sweats or hot flashes.

With women who were using this product to regulate their menstrual cycle or reduce period-related symptoms, there were reports of excessive bleeding and trouble losing weight. One user reported breast growth and severe changes in mood, while others mentioned acne, bloating and excessive hunger.

Women going through menopause did mention this product was helpful when it came to dealing with insomnia and mood swings, but in some cases, it wasn’t all that helpful for hot flashes or night sweats.

It’s clear that trying to balance your hormone ratio on your own is tricky. It seems this product could have some potential, but it may be worth consulting with a doctor before trying to mess with your own hormones.

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Conclusion – Does Kokoro Balance Cream Work?

Kokoro Balance Cream, as mentioned above seems to be effective for certain people—namely those with low progesterone, but there also appear to be some risks associated with its use.

Kokoro Balance Cream does contain some good ingredients, but messing with progesterone levels on your own may prove to be a bit more complicated than the product description lets on, and users should consider seeing a physician to address this concern.

The website doesn’t do much, though to tell users about the risks and benefits of the product, nor does explain why the wild yam extract and natural progesterone are listed as separate ingredients, as it looks like the progesterone comes from wild yam.

Overall, this could work for some women, but our recommendation is to look for a product that provides a more comprehensive approach to taking on all symptoms that may emerge with menopause.

Wild yam is a great ingredient, but we’re not confident in its ability to act alone. Tackling menopause is about creating a sense of balance and other ingredients like the estrogenic herb, black cohosh or an herbal aphrodisiac may help users feel a greater sense of relief when combined with wild yam.

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