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What is it?

Flash Ease is an all-natural menopause supplement aimed at restoring hormonal balance. The makers of Flash Ease claim this product works to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes and other common symptoms of menopause.

Flash Ease is a blend of dong quai and black cohash, ingredients known for their use in treating menopause-related discomfort. Flash Ease is encapsulated in time release pills, offering relief staggered throughout the day.

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Flash Ease Ingredients and Side Effects

Flash Ease has a relatively short list of key ingredients. As per the official nutrition label, here is a look at the primary ingredients inside this product and the benefits consumers can expect with use:

Dong Quai Black Cohosh
Rhizome Extract

Black Cohosh: Black cohosh is a well-studied herb known for its use as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This herb works to alleviate menopause-related discomfort like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability, night sweats and more.

In addition to menopause, black cohosh may also help other hormonal issues due to its phytoestrogen content as well as the natural anti-inflammatory substances found inside.  

Dong Quai: A plant primarily found in Asia, dong quai is sometimes called, female ginseng for its long term role in treating women’s health concerns. It’s thought to help balance estrogen levels in the body, working to regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce menopause symptoms and improve mood.

Those with breast or prostate cancers should avoid using dong quai, as it may exacerbate hormone-sensitive conditions.

Additionally, users should be aware dong quai may increase sensitivity to the sun.

Rhizome Extract: The makers of this product list the ingredient, rhizome extract on the packaging, which we believe either refers to ginger, turmeric or some combination of both roots.

Rhizomes are a family of herbs with knobby roots, used for a range of culinary and medicinal applications. Ginger may have some effect on the digestive and immune systems, while turmeric is known for its key brain benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and more.

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Flash Ease Quality of Ingredients

Flash Ease is made with a couple ingredients you’ll find in all kinds of menopause products or hormone support pills. Black cohosh is a known herbal remedy for issues like hot flashes that plague women during menopause.

In looking at this formula, there’s nothing that is necessarily wrong here, it’s just that users might not get a well-rounded supplement that deals with every symptom they are experiencing.

We don’t know how much of each ingredient is included in the proprietary blend, so it’s possible it might not be especially potent.

We’d also like to see something like chasteberry or wild yam that address progesterone, as black cohosh is geared more toward helping users improve the uptake of estrogen.

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The Price and Quality of Flash Ease

Flash Ease is available on the official product website for $25.95 for a bottle containing a one-month supply. It is currently on sale for $16.95, which appears to be the lowest price online at this time.

This product can also be purchased through several different third-party channels like Amazon, as well as a handful of smaller, natural health-focused websites. Most third-party retailers are offering the 60-count bottle for around $20.

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Business of Flash Ease

Flash Ease is made by a company known as Nature’s Sunshine. They can be reached using the contact information listed here:

Phone: 888-510-7196

Address: 3000 The Springs Drive

Monroe, GA 30656

The Nature’s Sunshine site features a lineup of several products aimed at providing hype-free nutrition to users with a range of health concerns. Consumers can find products for allergies, diabetes, detox and more.

Each product page talks briefly about the featured supplement, but fails to offer all that much information regarding testing, efficacy or anything that explains why they chose a specific blend of ingredients over something else.

The site itself is laid out in a way most consumers can understand, and the company does mention all the ingredients used to make their products. We did not find any major red flags with this company, and most people should find the level of detail provided adequate.

Users who want more may need to do a bit of research on their own to learn about dong quai or black cohosh, but that information is relatively easy to find.

Customer Opinions of Flash Ease

Flash Ease is relatively easy to find online, due to its presence across multiple channels where users have the option to leave behind their feedback. Here’s a look at some of the comments we found during our research:

“Nearing 60 and deep into menopause. Flash Ease has really helped with balancing out hormones and helping with symptoms like hot flashes and dizziness. Feeling so much better.”

“My hot flashes definitely could be classified as severe and before I tried this product I really couldn’t sleep. Still getting flashes, but they’re generally pretty moderate. Unpleasant, but much more manageable.”

“I’ve been on these pills for about three weeks, and my hot flashes haven’t gone away at all. My sister likes these, which is the reason I gave two stars as opposed to one. Save your money.”

“This product made me feel as though I was constantly hot, not just flashes here and there. My friend said it worked for her, but this clearly doesn’t work for me. No thanks.”

Flash Ease doesn’t seem to address all the menopause issues that could potentially affect someone at this stage, and it’s clear that this supplement doesn’t provide the widespread, potent support that many women require.

Of the user reviews we came across, most people did give this product a positive rating. For one, it definitely helps with hot flashes, it’s just likely a little more effective for people with mild to moderate symptoms as opposed to very severe hot flashes or night sweats.

And like many products, this supplement may not be the right choice for every type of body out there. A few users mentioned this product worked for someone they knew, but not for them—something fairly common when you’re working with something as sensitive as fluctuating hormone levels.

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Conclusion – Does Flash Ease Work?

Flash Ease seems like it could be an effective product for some women, but it may not be the right product for everyone. People who are dealing with less severe symptoms while going through menopause might find this works great, but women with really severe menopause symptoms may find it doesn’t do enough.

Based on the ingredient profile and the product description, this product is likely designed primarily for hot flashes. Black cohosh is certainly helpful for this use and it likely the reason some people have had such great results. Dong quai and rhizome extract are less known for their effects on hormone levels and may work with varying degrees of success.

We don’t actually know how much of each ingredient is in this product, so it’s hard to say whether users might be better off with a product that offers a broader range of herbs or if they could achieve similar results with a black cohosh-only supplement.

Flash Ease users primarily (and unsurprisingly mentioned hot flashes and night sweats as the reason for starting this product. There were few reports that documented the use of this product for the emotional support you’ll get with other menopause supplements, or other effects like sex drive, vaginal dryness and fatigue.

After looking at all the information we’ve gathered, we’re sure Flash Ease is a good product for a lot of women out there, but many others may find that it doesn’t do enough to treat all the menopausal effects that potential users face on a daily basis. Supplements that target progesterone and estrogen production in equal measure may be a better option.

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