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What is it?

Estrobalance is a supplement that promotes a healthy hormone balance with regular use. Estrobalance is designed to improve breast and cardiovascular health and increase estrogen metabolism.

Estrobalance relies primarily on DIM as an active ingredient—offering in one dose, the amount of the substance found in two pounds of broccoli. This product is meant for women at all phases of reproduction—from puberty through post-menopause.

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Estrobalance Ingredients and Side Effects

Estrobalance contains just one key ingredient, as per the official label posted on the manufacturer’s website. Here is a quick look at DIM and how it plays a role in women’s reproductive health:


DIM: Formally known as Diindolylmethane, but more manageably, DIM, this ingredient can be found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and more. DIM is thought to have an effect on the way that estrogen performs inside the body, particularly how the hormone is metabolized.

DIM is used to prevent breast and uterine cancers and may help reduce the risk of developing an enlarged prostate. It may also reduce the severity of PMS, decrease the risk of developing an estrogen-dependent condition and reduce hot flashes and night sweats during menopause.

  • DIM is generally thought to be a healthy and essential part of the human diet, though in some cases, side effects may include dizziness, upset stomach, and may lower sodium levels in some people.

This supplement also contains vitamin E and calcium, which are included in the formula in order to help increase DIM absorption and improve bone and nervous system health.

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Estrobalance Quality of Ingredients

Estrobalance likely produces some positive health benefits, benefits that anyone, regardless of age or stage of reproduction could use. High quantities of DIM are associated with positive effects like cancer prevention and are a great addition to any diet.

However, there’s not enough evidence that DIM alone can fight the symptoms of menopause, particularly in people experiencing severe symptoms.

Estrobalance doesn’t position itself as a menopause-specific product, so it may be a bit unfair to judge this product based on that criteria. This product has many positive reviews, the thing is, most of them aren’t from menopausal women.

This product does seem to have some key benefits, but those thinking of using this should consider taking something else to treat the menopause symptoms. Estrobalance may work well in combination with other ingredients that are capable of adding estrogen to the system—something this product cannot do.

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The Price and Quality of Estrobalance

Estrobalance is sold on the official webpage for $27.49 for a bottle containing 30 tablets or $50.99 for the larger bottle with 60 capsules.

Amazon offers this product for a significantly lower price. The 30-count bottle goes for $17.06 with free shipping for members of their Prime service.

This product is priced slightly higher than other DIM supplements on the market, and nearly $30 for a pill that contains just one active ingredient seems a bit steep, particularly when users can get a decent amount of DIM by eating more kale, broccoli or cauliflower.

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Business of Estrobalance

Estrobalance is made by a company called Enzymatic Therapy. Below, you can find the contact information they’ve posted on their website:

Phone: 800-783-2286

Address: 825 Challenger Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

The Enzymatic Therapy website feels like something from the early days of the internet. The website is hard to navigate and features small font and a homepage that doesn’t clearly layout where to find and purchase products.

This company is well-established—they’ve been in business since 1981 and they have a long list of products. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find the one you are looking for, as the navigation forces you to sift through 44 pages of product.

Once you’re able to locate the Estrobalance product page, there’s some information about DIM and its benefits, which users may find helpful. Based on the information they’ve listed, it seems as though the key benefit of this product is breast health, though we didn’t come across many users who mentioned whether or not this product was effective for this indication.

We did like that the Estrobalance page tried to answer some of the more common questions consumers might have regarding taking a DIM supplement. They’ve even left a form for additional questions specifically for this product.

Our overall impression of this company is, they may not be especially tech savvy, but there’s a clear attention to providing consumers with a safe product, and attempting to inform visitors about the supplements featured on the site.

Customer Opinions of Estrobalance

The reviews we found for Estrobalance reflected a generally positive public opinion from consumers who tried this product. Most people who used this product had good things to say, but there weren’t too many reports of this being used successfully for menopause treatment. Here’s a look at some of the feedback we found:

“Before I tried Estrobalance, my period would last for like 2 weeks. After a couple months of use, it’s been consolidated to a more manageable 5 days. Definitely will keep using.”

“I suffer from severe PMS every month and this product has been a life saver. I usually will get these terrible headaches, moodiness, breakouts, everything. Estrobalance evened it all out after just a few weeks.”

“This product has worked well for a couple friends who have PCOS. My perimenopausal symptoms, not so much. Feeling depressed and dealing with weight gain, this just isn’t doing it for me.”

“I took this product for over a week, and each day, felt as though I was becoming increasingly depressed. I did my body was balanced out in other ways though, but the crushing sadness forced me to stop taking.”

Estrobalance had a considerable range in the people who were using this product. We did see more reviewers who had not yet reached menopause or even perimenopause, but many reported this product did help them feel more balanced, or that it helped them deal with long or painful periods.

It’s interesting that a few people mentioned that they had felt more depressed after taking this. DIM shouldn’t produce these effects, but it’s strange that this reaction came up more than once.

Most of the people who reported success with this product were those who experienced severe PMS or painful menstruation, as well as PCOS. There were a few people who mentioned they were just entering the phases of perimenopause, though of those women, there wasn’t a consistent experience with using Estrobalance.

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Conclusion – Does Estrobalance Work?

Estrobalance does seem to have some positive effects on people suffering from a range of hormone-related discomfort. It’s hard to argue that a concentrated amount of a key nutrient is a bad thing, and there’s evidence that suggests that DIM helps protect against cancer and has an effect on existing estrogen inside the body.

It’s important to note though, that DIM does not actually increase estrogen levels, rather, it effects the body’s metabolism of the hormone. Estrogen production tapers off during menopause, and many women find that a solution that replaces the lost hormone is effective in combatting many symptoms. We found there were not very many reviewers dealing with hot flashes, night sweats or any of the typical menopause symptoms that reported feeling better after using this product.

We did, however, see many reports from women who felt their experience with Estrobalance was a success. Most of these women had not yet reached menopause and were using the product to deal with PCOS, PMDD or PMS.

It’s worth mentioning, that this product isn’t necessarily marketed as a menopause relief supplement, rather a women’s health supplement that may be useful to women of all ages and stages of life. It may not be the best solution for people who want a product tailored to menopause symptoms, but it does seem to have some benefits.

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