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What is it?

Estro Rhythm is a daily supplement used for treating menopause symptoms. Estro Rhythm claims to be the first product of its kind, and includes both a pill and cream meant to be used together.

Estro Rhythm is made from several different herbs known for their effect on hormone levels in the body. The makers of this product say the cream is meant to support the appearance of the skin, while the pill supports the body’s internal function and reduces things like hot flashes, night sweats and the mental effects of menopause.

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Estro Rhythm Ingredients and Side Effects

Estro Rhythm’s supplement portion is made from ingredients like black cohosh and kudzu, along with other supportive herbs. The cream, according to the product information posted on the website, contains phytoestrogens, though it doesn’t name the source of these plant-based hormones.

Here is a look inside at the ingredients you’ll find inside Estro Rhythm:

Black Cohosh Kudzu Root Wild Yam
Phytoestrogen Dong Quai Chasteberry

Black Cohosh: Black cohosh is used to relieve menopausal symptoms in women like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and more, due to its ability to perform much like estrogen when present in the body.

Wild Yam: More bitter than its grocery store counterpart, wild yam is often used in supplements and creams in place of synthetic hormone replacement treatments. Wild yam may help with vaginal dryness, menopause symptoms, low energy and libido.

Kudzu Root: An invasive vine plant with some key health benefits, kudzu is used for menopause symptoms, diarrhea, muscle pain, high blood pressure and more. It is thought to provide this range of benefits due to its ability to improve blood circulation.

  • Side effects may include liver damage, allergic reaction and broken red blood cells.

Chasteberry: A berry also known as vitex, chasteberry may be used to stimulate the pituitary gland, indirectly affecting the production of progesterone in the body, helping to balance hormone ratios and reduce symptoms associated with menopause.

Dong Quai: A plant that is used in a number of medicinal applications, dong quai may affect estrogen in the body, which could help reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms.

Phytoestrogen: Phytoestrogens are estrogens found inside plants like soy, red clover, black cohosh and more, and have been shown to have similar effects to the hormone produced in humans.

Progesterone: A hormone found naturally inside the body, progesterone may also be made from plant sources like wild yam or soy. Progesterone may help treat irregular periods, PMS, and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. It also has an effect on energy levels and may treat breast pain weight gain and PMS.

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Estro Rhythm Quality of Ingredients

Estro Rhythm’s twofold approach to treating menopause symptoms is an interesting idea, as many users typically use either a cream or a supplement. The site does mention that this combination treatment should not be combined with other supplements or HRT treatments.

We like a lot of the ingredients used here—black cohosh, wild yam, chasteberry—these are all really useful ingredients and have a solid track record of being used to ease the symptoms affecting women as they go through the process of menopause.

We do with that the makers of Estro Rhythm provided more detail about the sources of progesterone and estrogen included in the cream, as well as how much of each hormone they’re getting in each premeasured pump.

The supplement portion of the product revealed a bit more detail, but the doses seem a bit low on the black cohosh and wild yam. However, we don’t know how much additional hormones are being absorbed through the skin.

Many people may feel comfortable enough buying this product based on the fact that it’s made entirely from herbal ingredients. But, at this point we don’t have a good idea of what, exactly users can expect from the combination treatment of Estro Rhythm.

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The Price and Quality of Estro Rhythm

Estro Rhythm may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s official website. They are offering the kit, which includes a month’s supply (or 28-days, rather) of the supplement, plus the cream for $139.99.

Amazon sells this product set as well, but it’s only available through third-party sellers and is not Prime eligible. Users can get this through the e-commerce site for $179.98 or $175.

This price point is much higher than many of the other products we’ve reviewed and we aren’t sure what, exactly makes this worth more than other creams and supplements containing the same lineup of ingredients.

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Business of Estro Rhythm

Estro Rhythm is made by a company known as It Works! Their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 800-537-2395

Address: 908 Riverside Drive

Palmetto, FL 34221

It Works has a relatively nice looking website and provides a lot of information about the ins and outs of using Estro Rhythm, something that many competing product manufacturers don’t take the time to do for their potential customers.

This company has answered several questions about this product, detailed the use of the two-step process and listed the ingredients (well, of the supplement), which gives us the sense that this is a transparent company.

It Works, however, does seem to be a multi-level marketing company, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are engaging in shady business practices, but it is something consumers should be aware of before doing business with them.

That being said, users can purchase directly from the company, or through channels like Amazon, so they likely won’t need to be a part of any MLM schemes.

Customer Opinions of Estro Rhythm

The customer feedback was pretty clearly divided between users who felt that Estro Rhythm was a great product, and those who felt it didn’t meet expectations. Here are some of the comments we encountered during our research into this product:

“I’m on day 10 of the Estro Rhythm system, and so far so good. I have more energy and I’ve been able to sleep better. I’ve tried a few items from this company, with mixed results, but this one is pretty good.”

“This product does work, but you do need to give it some time to start taking effect. It has been helping with hot flashes and night sweats, not perfect, but honestly, any change is welcome at this point.”

“I bought this product with high hopes, but I’ve only gotten some mild relief from my hot flashes and am noticing zero effect on things like mood swings. I’m also not crazy about applying the cream each day.”

“I bought this product as I’ve tried some of the other products by this company and was hoping for a solution to some of my menopausal woes. It was really expensive and I have yet to see any changes.”

Estro Rhythm does not have a whole lot of reviews, nor is there a consistent opinion across the comments we found posted. Overall, it looks like users can expect to see some effects due to the presence of ingredients like black cohosh and wild yam, but we’re thinking it may not be potent enough for some users with more severe symptoms.

Additionally, we did see a few mentions of the price being a bit too high for some people. Just shy of $200 per one 28-cycle, this is definitely one of the more expensive menopause supplements we’ve come across.

Based on this information, we don’t have enough anecdotal evidence that suggests that Estro Rhythm is worth the investment. Users can easily find creams and herbal supplements containing the very same active ingredients at a much lower price point.

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Conclusion – Does Estro Rhythm Work?

After looking at the ingredients used to make Estro Rhythm, as well as the company and the feedback left by past consumers, we are not convinced that this product is the most effective solution on the market.

Estro Rhythm could be seen as prohibitively expensive to users who aren’t expecting to pay nearly $200 for a one-month supply of product. Most of the products we’ve come across during our research are generally priced under $60 for the same amount—and that’s at the higher end of the spectrum.

We could understand the pricing structure more if this product had rave reviews, but it hardly has any reviews at all, and those that we came across suggested that Estro Rhythm isn’t a solution that has been effective for a large group of women. Some saw no effects at all.

Estro Rhythm does contain several ingredients known for their ability to address menopause symptoms effectively and with few negative effects. Meaning, this product is likely a safe alternative to HRT. However, we need a lot more information to know whether or not it consistently provides great results.

According to our expert review team, Femmetrinol has been shown to consistently provide the key benefits menopausal women are looking for. Black cohosh, damiana, wild yam and more round out this safe and effective formula, treating night sweats, hot flashes and more, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

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