Estrin-D Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Estrin-D is an herbal menopause product aimed at helping women lose weight as they go through this transitional period in life. Estrin-D claims to increase users’ resting metabolic rate and boost energy with regular use.

Estrin-D is made from a blend of herbs and caffeine sources, which work to increase metabolism, preventing the weight gain that often comes with menopause. The makers of this product also claim this product reduces caloric intake, as well as increases physical stamina.

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Estrin-D Ingredients and Side Effects

According to a product label posted on the Walgreens webpage, Estrin-D contains a long list of ingredients, most of which contain caffeine. We’ve omitted some of the vitamins added to the formula, but have provided a look into the key ingredients that make up Estrin-D.

DHEA Maca Caffeine Kola Nut Seed Extract Rhodiola
Yerba Mate Green Tea Extract Damiana Schizandra Chinese Skullcap

Damiana: A shrub found in Mexico and South America, damiana is used to stimulate sex drive and function with use.

Green Tea Extract: Taken to improve mood, thinking and concentration, green tea extract is also thought to aid in weight loss, as well as ward off the growth of cancerous cells and tumors.

  • Green tea extract does contain caffeine and may yield certain side effects like increased heart rate, insomnia, nervousness and more.

Yerba Mate: Yerba mate is most commonly found as a tea, but it may also be used medicinally to fight fatigue, improve mood and relieve constipation.

  • Yerba mate contains caffeine and may cause increased heart rate, nervousness, nausea, headaches and vomiting.

Caffeine: A chemical substance found in coffee and tea, caffeine is used to help people stay alert and awake and in some cases, stimulate the metabolism to enable weight loss.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, vomiting, tremors, headaches and more.

Kola Nut Seed Extract: Kola nut is used in a number of African countries to counteract fatigue, depression and promote weight loss.

  • Side effects may include nervousness, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, stomach irritation and more, due to its high caffeine content.

DHEA: A steroid hormone found naturally in the body, people take DHEA to improve sex drive and increase capacity for muscle building. This hormone is the precursor to both testosterone and estrogen and may help users achieve hormonal balance.

  • Side effects may include acne, nasal congestion, fatigue, changes in your menstrual cycle, lowered voice, growth of facial hair, irregular heartbeats, insomnia, upset stomach, headache and more.

Rhodiola Crenulata: This plant is used to help users increase energy and shorten recovery times after a long workout, as well as for its potential to enhance immune system function with use.

Schizandra: A plant often classified as an adaptogen, schizandra is used to help improve energy and physical fitness, treat PMS and night sweats and improve sexual drive and function.

  • Side effects may include heartburn, upset stomach, rash, itching and decreased appetite.

Chinese Skullcap Root: Used frequently in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese skullcap is often used to treat colds, liver problems, ADHD and more, and may even have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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Estrin-D Quality of Ingredients

Estrin-D does contain some ingredients we like—damiana, maca and green tea extract, for example. Though many of these ingredients amount to giving users a lot of caffeine, rather than working to soothe the symptoms of menopause.

In fact, there’s little here that seems to directly have an effect on the typical range of symptoms associated with menopause, and we’re a bit confused why this product is marketed exclusively toward menopausal women to begin with. It’s clearly just a diet pill.

Our main concern in looking at the full list of ingredients is, that while many people safely ingest caffeine on a regular basis, this may cause some discomfort in women with menopause, as things like high levels of caffeine, as well as alcohol and spicy foods may exacerbate severe hot flashes and night sweats.

Additionally, many menopausal women report having trouble sleeping due to hot flashes and night sweats. This product likely will keep users awake to a greater extent than if they were to simply not take any type of supplement.

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The Price and Quality of Estrin-D

Estrin-D is sold on the official product website for $79.99 for two bottle containing 90-capsules and $127.99 for four bottles of the same amount.

Users can also find this product for sale from Walgreens and some lesser-known e-commerce channels like the Live Healthy Store and Lambda Beauty. The Walgreens site currently offers this product at $29.99 per 90-count container.

Amazon also carries this product, but it’s only available from third-party sellers and not eligible for Prime shipping.

Regarding price, this product seems like it’s priced a little high for what amounts to a caffeine pill, and there are no studies backing the claims presented. Users are likely better off avoiding this product and talking to their doctor about a viable weight loss solution if they’re experiencing weight gain during menopause.

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Business of Estrin-D

Estrin-D is made by a company called Covaxil Laboratories, and their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 800-351-9882

The Estrin-D website features a lot of aspirational web copy, marketing this product as the first diet pill for “real women” and promising to help said women lose 10-15 pounds in a matter of days, as well as increase energy levels “day or night.”

This product is presented with a number of claims (you’ll look younger, have more energy, etc.), but no science to back up whether this formula is effective or even safe. There is no information regarding the ingredients used in the supplement (we found a label on the Walgreens site instead) just baseless promises.

We were unable to find much information about the company that makes this product, Covaxil Laboratories, but they make a few other stimulant supplements designed to help users lose weight through a combination of herbal ingredients and caffeine.

Based on the ingredient list and the way this supplement is presented; we do not recommend this product to users suffering from menopause.

Customer Opinions of Estrin-D

The reviews we found Estrin-D suggested this product was simply a caffeine pill. There were no reports that we saw that suggested this product has any special formulation making it any more effective for menopausal women than anyone else, and many people mentioned feeling ill after use. Here’s a look at what users thought of Estrin-D:

“I’ve been using this product for a month and have yet to see any results at all. I’m not losing weight and I’m still having hot flashes, what a rip off.”

“This product does help me feel more energized, but it’s likely due to the caffeine. I’ve yet to see any results in terms of treating my hot flashes or mood swings and I haven’t lost much weight at all.”

“This product gave me the shakes. If the only way to lose weight is to be overly caffeinated, I’ll just stay fat. This seems like it could be dangerous.”

“This pill is the worst. I’m in menopause, but I’m in good health. Started taking this for weight loss and felt jittery and nauseated all day. Really hated it.”

Estrin-D seems to be most effective in giving users the shakes, nausea or other symptoms typical with being caffeinated.

There were no reports that we found that suggested this product has any effect on menopausal symptoms, and it doesn’t seem particularly effective in stimulating weight loss either.

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Conclusion – Does Estrin-D Work?

Upon reviewing the Estrin-D formulation, the company that makes this product, as well as the reviews we came across online from people who have tried this product, we do not suggest trying this to combat weight gain brought on by menopause.

Some of the ingredients included in this blend do indeed have some key nutritional benefits, but they are outweighed by the high caffeine content, which is not the best idea for women suffering from menopause.

Estrin-D seems like it may have some negative results for users who thought they were getting a product designed to help boost their metabolism as they go through a series of physical changes during menopause.

Based on the above information, we do not recommend that users take Estrin-D. It clearly does not offer any benefits that uniquely effect women in menopause. If you are experiencing an unwanted increase in weight, it’s wise to talk to your doctor about possible solutions that may help safely boost metabolism.

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