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What is it?

Avlimil is a supplement designed to help women deal with typical menopause symptoms. This product is made for reducing hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and irritability with regular use.

Avlimil is made from an all-natural formulation which includes soy isoflavones, black cohosh and more—which work to restore hormonal balance in the body. Avlimil is made for women of all ages—whether in menopause or suffering from another issue caused by hormonal imbalances.

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Avlimil Ingredients and Side Effects

Avlimil is made from exclusively herbal ingredients, no synthetic hormones. Based on the official product label found on the Avlimil website, here’s what users can expect to find inside this supplement:

Soy Isoflavones Valerian Sage Leaf
Damiana Black Cohosh Red Raspberry Leaf

Soy Isoflavones: Soy isoflavones are a phytoestrogen found in soy beans, which are chemically quite similar to the natural estrogens found in the body. Isoflavones are thought to have an effect on estrogen levels when ingested and may help reduce hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings or other symptoms associated with menopause.

  • Side effects may include bloating, constipation or gas, or in some cases, may trigger an allergic reaction.

Sage Leaf: An herb with a number of medicinal uses, sage leaf is thought to help with depression and memory loss, as well as reduce the severity of hot flashes caused by menopause.

Damiana: Damiana is an herbal aphrodisiac that hails from Central and South America. This ingredient is thought to stimulate sex drive in both men and women and may help users increase energy and physical endurance.

Valerian: An herb often used to treat insomnia or hyperactivity, valerian is thought to help with stress and anxiety and may help sooth menopausal night sweats and hot flashes.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Raspberry leaves have been used for centuries for various medicinal uses, like blood purification and respiratory disorders. This ingredient may help with painful or heavy periods and may relax blood vessels.

Black Cohosh: Native Americans have long used black cohosh to deal with a range of uncomfortable symptoms associated with hormone imbalances like PMS and painful, heavy periods to hot flashes and night sweats during menopause.

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Avlimil Quality of Ingredients

Avlimil is made from several ingredients that are known to be safe, as well as come with a range of benefits associated with use.

In looking at the ingredients, we’re at first inclined to believe that Avlimil has some useful benefits. Black cohosh is one ingredient we often recommend for its use as a way to treat hot flashes, night sweats and the emotional symptoms of menopause.

However, we’re not sure how effective ingredients like sage or raspberry leaf are—there’s no harm (that we know of), in taking these herbal ingredients, but it’s unlikely that they do much to help alleviate menopause issues.

Based on some of the reviews we came across, it seems like this product was pretty hit of miss with a number of people who tried it—many claimed it was very slow to build up in the system or failed to live up to users’ expectations.

There’s a possibility it isn’t potent enough, or frankly, that it didn’t work with everyone’s body chemistry.

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The Price and Quality of Avlimil

Avlimil is sold through an official website for this supplement, with a 30-day supply retailing for $29.95, plus $9.95 for shipping and handling charges. Users can save if they choose to buy in bulk, a 90-day supply will run shoppers $89, while a 180-day supply costs $149.

Avlimil can also be found on the Walgreens website and Amazon. Amazon sells this product for $32, but the product is Prime eligible, so users can save a few bucks on shipping. Walgreens on the other hand, offers this item for even less, at $19.99 for the same thirty-day supply.

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Business of Avlimil

Avlimil is made by a company known as Vianda, who appear to be based both in the US and Malta. Per the official website, here are their contact details:

Phone: 800-503-7058

Address: 11260 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 706
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

The Avlimil website doesn’t look especially eye-catching, but it gets the job done. Consumers can easily find the product and the checkout page is fairly straightforward.

There’s information available for people to learn more about menopause and the use of isoflavones to treat the symptoms, which may be helpful resources for a number of users. However, many users may find it difficult to learn more about the science behind this product. We don’t get to see any documented clinical trials or anything else that lends some credibility to the formula.

Vianda, the company that makes this product sells a number of supplements across several verticals like male enhancement, probiotics and stress relief. Their company website serves as a showcase for their myriad products and allows consumers to place an order through their e-commerce portal, as well.

Vianda offers a free trial for all of the products listed on the website, which does include Avlimil. Unfortunately, users must pay $10 for shipping and are automatically enrolled in a monthly autopay cycle unless they decide to cancel before the 14-day trial period ends.

Vianda doesn’t force people to sign up for their autopay program, but these marketing techniques are notoriously hard to get out of once you’ve enrolled, and marketers know this. Plus, this particular pill may take some time to start working (as many herbal menopause products do), so a sample pack is likely not going to do much for consumers and they are likely better off springing for the full bottle.

Customer Opinions of Avlimil

Reviews for Avlimil were all over the place, many people felt that this product was not effective. Here is some of the feedback we came across for this product:

“I didn’t think this product was going to help with my symptoms, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I like that this is made with natural ingredients, too.”

“No noticeable changes after trying this product. Tried for about two months and am finally going to throw in the towel.”

“Didn’t really feel better or worse after using. I used two whole bottles, which seems like sufficient time for something to happen.”

“Having been on Avlimil for three months now, I’m starting to notice an improvement in my hot flashes, but nothing else. Might try for another month.”

Avlimil seems to be designed for menopausal women, but much of the marketing literature suggests it’s for women of all ages who are trying to achieve hormonal balance. It’s unclear based on the reviews if this is meant to be this catch-all product or something more targeted.

We did see some good reviews for this product, though there were many disappointed customers as well. Enough to demonstrate that this product may not be potent enough for women with more severe symptoms.

We also never got to see a clinical study for this product, so we don’t know much about how long this product is supposed to take to kick in.

After reading through the comments Avlimil users posted, this product clearly offers some key benefits, but its use as a menopause-specific product seems like it could be ineffective.

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Conclusion – Does Avlimil Work?

After our full review of the contents of the Avlimil formulation, as well as the feedback posted online by past users, we likely wouldn’t recommend this product as a supplement to combat the effects of menopause on its own.

We really like a lot of the ingredients, maca and damiana have some great benefits, and pomegranate has long been touted as a nutritional powerhouse.

That being said, it seems like most of the glowing reviews by women who had used this product expressed that they were more pleased with the sexual benefits than anything related to reducing hot flashes or night sweats.

There were several mentions from users who felt that this product was not particularly effective in taking on the more common menopause-related complaints and many of the were women who had not yet entered this phase in life—many were in their 20s, 30s and early 40s.

After looking over the above information, we believe that there are better products out there for dealing with menopause holistically. Avlimil does clearly have the potential to be a way to increase energy and sexual desire in women who are in menopause, but they may need to shell out for an additional supplement if they want all menopause symptoms addressed.

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