Weight Loss News in Review – Week of April 4

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National Start Walking Day is April 7

On April 7, The American Heart Association hosted National Start! Walking Day, an initiative to encourage the country to get up and move. You will also find some simple tips on how to work in a little exercise during your daily routine.

Are Crunches and Sit-Ups Dangerous?

New research says that crunches and sit-ups put an unhealthy strain on your back. Our fitness expert Matt Johnson gives his two cents on whether or not you should ditch your current ab routine, or stick to it.

Pepsi’s New Designer Salt: Healthy or Health Hazard?

PepsiCo created a “designer salt” for its Lay’s potato chips and other Frito-Lay products that will reduce sodium content. Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield gives her verdict on the snack additive and salty snacks in general.

Walking Reduces Risk of Stroke

New research has found that women who walk two or more hours a week, or walk at a brisk pace, can significantly reduce their risk of suffering a stroke.

Will Your Morning Cereal Cause Cancer?

There is some concern among scientists who think that too much folic acid may increase your odds of developing cancer. Certain foods, such as breakfast cereal, are fortified with the synthetic form of B vitamin folate.

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