The Procrastinator’s Guide to Weight and Kicking Bad Habits on The Doctors

Today, The Doctors are covering some great topics. From new techniques to ending bad habits, an unexpected side-effect from a heart medicine, and how to lose weight without ever hitting the gym, you’ll walk away with some valuable information.

The cast will be digging deep into the idea of a “gluttony gene” and helping people discover if they have this so-called gene. Also, a medical explanation and reason for binge eating will be discussed. While the docs are on the subject, they will introduce the audience to a man who lost 160 pounds without ever going to the gym. This fantastic weight loss story will also include a “how-to” for those watching at home.

Since the good doctors are always trying to help the viewers look and feel their best, they will be describing an at-home miracle peel that can rejuvenate sun-damaged skin. The cast will discuss safe treatments for the skin as they welcome guest Renee Graziano, the star of the reality show Mob Wives. Together they will discuss her plastic surgery misfortune and how to avoid such mishaps.

Switching gears The Doctors will investigate an odd side effect found from a heart medication. Research is pointing to “tolerance” being one of the side effects of the medication. The experts will explain how this medication could erase prejudice views. Intolerance is just one of the many bad habits we as humans have. Most bad habits are much less hurtful and simply more annoying. The Doctors will address the obsessive habits like hair twisting, gum chewing addiction, or even sugar cravings. The cast will provide ways that they believe can help kick those habits for good.

The Thursday, April 19, 2012 episode is sure to be interesting and as always, informative. The Doctors airs on NBC.

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