The Doctors Decode GMOs and Other Health Concerns

Friday’s episode of The Doctors is a must see. The cast will be explaining the truths behind genetically modified foods (GMOs) and how to tell if you’re purchasing them for your family. The experts will also explain how to decode health mysteries that confuse so many. These hot topics and more will be covered in “Secrets To Decoding What’s In Your Food, On Your Body & More!”

Dr. Travis Stork, along with his team, will be explaining why our bodies may have the reactions they do after eating certain foods. Dr. Stork will alway explain how GMOs may be the cause for many of our baffling symptoms.

Furthermore, the show will dedicate a segment to reading the number codes on products like apples and produce. These codes are the key to consumers knowing what they’re truly purchasing. Those tiny numbers on the apple sticker distinguish between a genetically modified apple and a traditionally grown fruit.

This episode will answer questions many conscious consumers have been asking. The answers regarding what’s truly in our meats and produce will be answered.

While The Docs are in the decoding mode, they will also be explaining the confusing jargon doctors sometimes use, they’ll be teaching how one can decode their skin type, and explain what health clues your tongue is giving you.

And finally, The Doctors will explain a new groundbreaking test for detecting breast cancer.

The Friday, April 20, 2012 episode will be full of pivotal health advice and should not be missed.

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