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What is it?

Sunifiram is a potent nootropic substance that can be taken as a supplement to improve focus and attention. It may also have use as a memory enhancing supplement, as well as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Sunifiram belongs to a class of nootropics known as ampakines, and is thought to be one of the strongest nootropic on the market. Sunifiram should be taken in small doses due to its potency, and may be used in place of Adderall or Ritalin.

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Sunifiram Ingredients and Side Effects

Sunifiram contains a long list of ingredients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Here’s a look at some of the most potent items on the list, and the benefits you can expect to receive:


Sunifiram: A powerful nootropic used to boost attention, learning, memory and decision making, Sunifiram is a potent so-called smart supplement that may have some use in treating Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and more.

Some users have reported feeling less anxious while using this supplement and it may also be used as a substitute for prescription medications like Ritalin or Adderall. It may also improve mood, leading users to nickname this product, “sunny.”

Sunifiram belongs to a class of nootropics known as ampakines, which work by addressing the AMPA receptors in the brain. AMPA are neurotransmitters involved in the rapid communication between cells in the nervous system. Effects reportedly last for 2-4 hours.

  • Side effects associated with taking Sunifiram may include anxiety, headache, restlessness, nausea and increased perspiration. For some users, this substance may have a slight stimulant effect.

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Sunifiram Quality of Ingredients

There are a lot of benefits associated with taking Sunifiram. And, relative to the mild side effects, it’s easy to see why this substance is growing in popularity for users looking for a study aid or a way to tackle a large workload. Users reported feeling smart and quicker when responding to conversation as well as while they were completing work-related tasks.

There is a lot written about Sunifiram and it seems that people are increasingly using this as an alternative for prescription ADD medication, as well as a means to improve memory and mood. While it seems effective, it’s still relatively new on the scene, and as a result we don’t know what the long term effects will actually look like.

Another downside is, users can’t really depend on taking one dose for long lasting effects. The supplement only lasts for a few hours, so the reality of taking this as a daily supplement doesn’t really make sense.

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The Price and Quality of Sunifiram

Sunifiram is not sold through any major retailers like GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe or anywhere else that specializes in vitamins and supplements. It has also been removed from Amazon, though there is a listing still up on the site. There are some complicated rules surrounding the sale of smart drugs, meaning, they aren’t widely available for sale, but it’s relatively easy to find them online from some smaller, foreign suppliers.

Sunifiram is sold through a number of websites like, and more. It’s available in both powder and pill form, and the price varies widely depending on the amount. We came across a 5-gram bag for $24.99. it’s worth noting that most forums recommend taking only 5mg or so each dose due to the potency.

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Business of Sunifiram

While there are multiple sellers and manufacturers of Sunifiram, a company known as TruSciences seems to be one of the few making and selling this product in the United States. Here’s a look at their contact info, and a bit of background.

Address: 6465 Reflection Dr.
San Diego, CA 92124

TruSciences offers a clean and easy to navigate shopping experience to consumers looking for nootropics that can sometimes be hard to find for sale on credible websites. Nothing really sticks out to us as being unprofessional, aside from a few spelling errors here and there.

However, when we tried to find more information about this company, nothing comes up online about anyone who has dealt with them, or tried any of their products.

Additionally, the address listed on the website appears to be associated with a home up for sale in San Diego, which seems a bit strange. There’s no mention of the business name if you opt to search by address.

TruSciences is far from the only company that makes or sells Sunifiram, but many online platforms claim this product is sold out or isn’t being offered at this time, so buyers have limited options should they be looking for this nootropic powder.

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Customer Opinions of Sunifiram

Sunifiram has received mainly positive feedback across multiple forums and review platforms. Users mentioned this product works as expected, and is rather potent. Here’s a look at what some people had to say about their experience with this product:

“Nootropics aren’t the magic pills everyone makes them out to be, however, Sunifiram works really well for me as a simple pick me up, helping with studying and getting things done. Kind of like coffee, actually.”

“Sunifiram is pretty great. You only need a tiny bit of product to get the benefits, and it’s kind of like you’re getting a jolt of caffeine, minus all the jittering and sometimes not so great side effects.”

“I think of Sunifiram as being this sort of stepping stone that helps me move from task to task. It’s not ideal, as the effects wear off after only a few hours, but it’s perfect for these little bursts of productivity.”

“I kind of thought this product would work better than it did. I kept reading about how potent this is, but have found regular old piracetam to be much more effective. I wouldn’t buy this again.”

Sunifiram received a number of positive reviews and it seems that the worst side effects people experienced were headaches. We saw few reports of people feeling anxious or ill at ease, and there wasn’t anything we found that documented more serious side effects.

It’s obvious that this substance does what it is supposed to do. Nearly all accounts of this product mention feeling more productive and alert or that moods were elevated and more. On the other hand, it’s clear that Sunifiram is used more like someone would use a coffee or an energy drink. Effects last a few hours and you may need to take this again a few times each day.

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How Does Sunifiram Compare?
  • Product Name
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  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Sunifiram
  • 42/100
Conclusion – Does Sunifiram Work?

After taking a deeper look at Sunifiram and its benefits, we aren’t entirely sure that we’d recommend this to most people in the market for a brain-boosting supplement. There aren’t many risks associated with using this product, and it clearly has a lot of benefits, from helping users improve their mood to being a truly beneficial study or work aid to a large percentage of users.

The main drawback with Sunifiram is the fact that this product really only works for a few hours, which may not make sense for people hoping to see some lasting, accumulating effects from taking a product aimed at improving brain health.

Additionally, users may find it somewhat difficult to purchase this substance online, due to the confusing classification and regulation of nootropics. There are a lot of online stores selling nootropics, but it may be a challenge for the average consumer to know which products are high quality and which ones are not.

Overall, users looking for a permanent solution to brain fog, memory troubles or with severe forms of ADD or ADHD may want to look for a daily supplement or medication, rather than a product that doesn’t last for the entire day.

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