Ruby’s Mom May Have Intentionally Overfed Her

A major story line in the latest season of Ruby hovers around her suspicion that she may have been molested or abused as a child, and that she has been repressing those memories for all these years.

In Ruby’s discussions with her mother, I just had a feeling that maybe she knew more about what Ruby went through than she was leading onto. Ruby has eluded to a suspicion that a past doctor of hers has that maybe her mother overfed her as a child to protect her from the wondering eyes of men.

Ruby told Us Weekly that she was shocked to find out that her mother Anne, 75, barely avoided molestation by a family member.

“My childhood physician’s assistant ‘Dr. Dukes’ has a theory she overfed me in order to make me unattractive to men so I would not face the same danger,” says Ruby.

In the latest Us Weekly the Style Network reality star revealed that she is considering hypnosis to bring back those possible childhood traumas.

“I have nightmares about someone trying to kill me,” says Ruby. “I can never see that person’s face, but something tells me I know who it is. I wake up hardly able to breathe, dreaming someone’s hands are around my neck.”

Through all of this, she has still managed to lose 400 pounds, and has faced her own emotional eating head on (she admits to being a food addict). Whether or not Ruby’s childhood mysteries will be revealed, we will have to wait to see on future episodes of her show.

(via: Us Weekly)

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