Nordic Naturals DHA Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Nordic Naturals DHA is a high-potency fish oil supplement targeting pregnant women, children and teens. This supplement provides essential nutrients that aid in cognitive function, mood and nervous system health.

Nordic Naturals DHA gets its nutrients from deep sea sardines and anchovies, delivering a combination of EPA and DHA, essential omerga-3s. Nordic Naturals DHA claims this product is easier to swallow than similar supplements and flavored with fruit to mask the fish flavor.

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Nordic Naturals DHA Ingredients and Side Effects

The Nordic Naturals DHA website has provided a list of ingredients used to make this product. Here’s a quick glimpse as to what you can expect to find within the formulation:

Fish Oil

Fish Oil: The fish oil in this particular product comes from a combination of deep sea anchovies and sardines. This product contains two types of omega-3s—EPA and DHA. These omega-3s work to reduce triglycerides which may contribute to heart attacks or strokes down the line.

Fish oil may also be used to improve cognition and treat conditions like ADHD, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Side effects that may be associated with taking a fish oil supplement include burps with a fishy taste, bad breath, heartburn, nosebleeds, rash, diarrhea or upset stomach.

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Nordic Naturals DHA Quality of Ingredients

The Nordic Naturals DHA formula, really only contains one active ingredient, fish oil, so our evaluation is pretty straightforward. The main benefit these makers of this product claim, is the fact that this product is a bit more palatable than your average fish pill.

That being said, there’s nothing about this product, aside from the addition of strawberry and rosemary to make it taste better, that makes it stand out against similar products.

From a quality standpoint, it’s clear that this company has taken great strides into ensuring this is a safe product and that the fish used to make this supplement meet the standards put into place by the World Health Organization.

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The Price and Quality of Nordic Naturals DHA

Nordic Naturals DHA is sold on the Nordic Naturals website for $28.95 for a bottle containing 90 soft gels. The site recommends taking two soft gels per day, so the product lasts for 45 days. Or, users can stock up and buy a bottle containing 80 soft gels for $49.95.

Nordic Naturals DHA is also available through a number of other channels. Amazon offers this product at $41.80 for the 180-count bottle, and VitaCost, iHerb and The Vitamin Shoppe all offer the product at a similar price point.

In terms of price, this product is considerably higher than many fish oils you’d find in your local drug store, but the website does make the case for the high cost, as this product has been tested for heavy metals, dioxins and other toxins that may be found in lower cost products.

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Business of Nordic Naturals DHA

The company that makes Nordic Naturals DHA is Nordic Naturals. Here is their contact information:

Phone: 800-662-2544


Address: 111 Jennings Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076

The Nordic Naturals site features a lot of information about the quality of the fish used to make Nordic Naturals DHA and their other supplements, as well as their commitment to safety standards, taste and taking care of the planet. It’s clear this company has done a good job in providing users with a product they can trust to be chemical-free, non-GMO and sourced sustainably.

Additionally, this product is available in a wide range of locations, direct from the website, in stores like the Vitamin Shoppe, and of course, on Amazon. Users can easily find this fish supplement and aren’t subject to any shady marketing practices.

The site also features a long list of the benefits associated with taking fish oil—eye health, immunity, brain and cardiovascular function and so on. It may be a bit more text than some users would prefer, but the information is there for people who want to learn more. We think most users will appreciate the transparency.

But, just because this company seems ethical and transparent, doesn’t mean fish oil is the best brain supplement out there.

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Customer Opinions of Nordic Naturals DHA

People seem to really like Nordic Naturals DHA, but it’s unclear how many people are using this as a way to improve their brain, or as something that helps them stay healthy, cure a nasty hangover or replace coffee. Here’s a look at what people were saying about this product:

“I like that this product has a low percentage of non-omegas in the formula, that’s the sign of a good fish pill. My kids and I take it every day. The levels of DHA and EPA make it worth the price.”

“I’ve been taking this product throughout my pregnancy, and there’s no fishy aftertaste. My only complaint is that the pills often stick together and I need to pull them apart. Other than that — great!”

“I love these. Most DHA pills have that fishy aftertaste, which is completely intolerable during my morning sickness. Perfect for anyone who needs a little extra DHA in their diet.”

“I like the faint strawberry scent, and more so, I like the fact that I can take two pills a day without any of the stomach upset that typical fish pills cause.”

People have given this product really good reviews. However, it’s worth noting that the bulk of the people taking this were pregnant and taking this per their doctor’s recommendation, or were trying to improve their health. Very few reviews mentioned any changes in cognition or memory from using Nordic Naturals DHA. This seems like a very high quality supplement, but we’re not sure we’d recommend this as a brain-boosting option.

Fish oil is used more like a multivitamin, offering users nutrition and long term support for better health down the road. While Nordic Naturals DHA seems to be well-regarded, there’s little evidence it yields big changes in mental function. Plus, the main things people talked about were the content of DHA/EPA, and how the product allowed users to easily take a fish pill without the burps or aftertaste—good things, to be sure, but they didn’t describe how this made them feel.

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How Does Nordic Naturals DHA Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Nordic Naturals DHA
  • 39/100
Conclusion – Does Nordic Naturals DHA Work?

After looking over the contents of Nordic Naturals DHA, as well as factors like customer satisfaction and availability, it’s clear this is a good product by a responsible company that both cares about consumer safety and protecting the planet from pollution and overfishing.

The Nordic Naturals DHA website is informative and provides a look at the benefits of fish pill, the manufacturing process and the environmental impact of this supplement. Additionally, this product has been tested for heavy metals and is in compliance with protocols set into place by the WHO.

As far as brain health is concerned, we’re not sure Nordic Naturals DHA is the right product for consumers looking for a dramatic improvement in cognitive function or with memory and concentration. Fish oil is typically taken for additional nutrients and may offer some noticeable benefits, but most are internal.

Plus, the cost may seem a little high for some people who don’t see the value in paying extra for certain ratios of DHA versus EPA and so on. Nordic Naturals DHA is more expensive than many competing fish oils. It does seem like Nordic Naturals is justified in charging this much for the product, but we can imagine some users may have reservations about spending 30 dollars on fish oil.

For those users looking to combat ADHD, or sharpen thinking and get more work done, we’d suggest looking for a supplement other Nordic Naturals DHA, something like a nootropic or an herbal cognitive support supplement. Fish oil would be a good complement to any supplement regimen and may be worth looking into.

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