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What is it?

Nootropil is the name brand version of the nootropic, piracetam. It is prescribed in Europe to help treat dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, alcoholism and more.

Nootropil works by improving blood flow to the brain, which helps improve cognitive function with use. Nootropil is also used to help stroke patients recover, as well as in patients recovery for alcoholism.

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Nootropil Ingredients and Side Effects

Nootropil only contains one active ingredient, piracetam. Here’s a look at piracetam and its benefits and potential side effects:


Piracetam: the parent compound of the racetam family of nootropics, piracetam has long been used to improve the condition of patients experiencing cognitive decline, particularly in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or who have had a stroke.

Piracetam works by promoting blood flow in the body, offering improved cognition. Piracetam also targets acetylcholine production, which helps cells communicate with each other boosting memory, concentration and attention.

Additionally, piracetam is used to treat dyslexia, alcoholism and in healthy adults, to improve cognition, alertness, memory retention and more.

  • Side effects may include headaches, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, weakness, weight gain, increased libido and more.

Some users have reported taking a dose of choline with piracetam may lower the risk of experiencing side effects with use.

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Nootropil Quality of Ingredients

Because Nootropil is made exclusively from piracetam, it’s likely safe for most users. This ingredient is the oldest and most widely studied nootropic on the market, and Nootropil, is a prescription medication.

The official website lays out potential side effects, as well as instructions for use, making it easy for consumers to understand what they’re getting into.

For users in the market for a smart drug, Nootropil may not provide the potency many nootropic users are looking for, but piracetam may work well when stacked with other supplements. Overall, it’s hard to say whether Nootropil is worth trying outside of its prescribed uses.

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The Price and Quality of Nootropil

Nootropil is a prescription drug found in the UK and in Europe, which makes it a bit difficult for users looking to potentially order this substance for home use.

There are plenty of places users can purchase piracetam powder or pills, which may be easier for people in the United States to order versus looking for a reseller of this particular branded product.

That being said, Nootropil can be purchased through a number third-party sites based in Canada or other countries. One website, sells generic Nootropil in both 400 and 800mg pills, with the cost per pill ranging from $2.08 to as low as $1.40. The lower end of the price range is available only to those consumers that buy 360 pills at once.

While there are numerous places to buy this product, we’d recommend avoiding these third-party sellers as much as possible. Users run the risk of getting fake product in the mail, and there’s no real regulations in place for consumer protection. There are plenty of nootropics sellers that offer piracetam with more reliable consumer protections in place, which may make this a better option for potential buyers.

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Business of Nootropil

The company that makes Nootropil is UCB, a Belgian pharmaceutical company. Here is their contact information as listed on their official webpage:

Phone: +32 2 559 99 99

Address: Allée de la Recherche, 60
1070 Brussels

The UCB website is professional and clean, offering information about the company, as well as the product, Nootropil.

The company that makes this product is responsible for a number of other drugs like Zyrtec, as well as a variety of treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and more.

UCB’s page for Nootropil doesn’t offer a whole lot of information about the drug, but the full list of side effects and benefits are easy to track down online, as it’s a well-known prescription medication. It’s worth noting that the website does not make any mention of this product’s use as a smart drug for people who are otherwise healthy. It does mention it is primarily designed to combat the effects of aging, and was initially designed to treat people suffering from vertigo.

Based on looking at the website, it’s clear this product is a well-known treatment for a number of conditions and is likely safe for most people to consume.

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Customer Opinions of Nootropil

Based on the reviews we found for Nootropil, it seems that the experiences associated with using this product varied quite a bit. Some people mentioned that it made them tired or that it gave them brain fog, while others mentioned they saw some positive changes in their study habits. Here’s a look at what users had to say after trying this product:

“Here’s the thing, with the wrong dosing, piracetam can give you brain fog, which is likely the opposite effect most users are trying to achieve. With the right dose, studying is easier and I’m less lethargic.”

“You definitely need to take choline with this. If I take Nootropil on its own, I’m tired, hungry and have brain fog, but also these really vivid dreams. Once I started using with choline, things dramatically improved.”

“Adderall is a lot stronger than Nootropil, but it still is a decent study aid, particularly for people who don’t like the effects of prescription ADHD medication. Nootropil is okay, I’ll keep taking it.”

“I’ve noticed that Nootropil helps with logic-based thinking and productivity, but it didn’t really help with my ability to think creatively. Great for banging out tasks and trying to cram information, for sure.”

Results from taking Nootropil are clearly mixed. Some users reported feeling smarter, claiming this product helped them study and improved focus, both in work-related tasks and during workouts.

Other users mentioned they didn’t get consistent results, stating sometimes it worked well, and other times it just didn’t produce any results at all.

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How Does Nootropil Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Nootropil
  • 28/100
Conclusion – Does Nootropil Work?

Based on our research, it seems that Nootropil clearly has some good benefits associated with use, as demonstrated by its long term use in treating a wide range of conditions from stroke to Alzheimer’s and age-related cognitive decline.

As far as purchasing this product is concerned, US consumers may find that this product is a bit too expensive to purchase by the pill through third-party websites who are not authorized to sell this product. While we’re sure Nootropil is safe for most consumers, buying prescription drugs from these unregulated sellers may be a bit risky. Consumers are unlikely to be protected from any issues that emerge in the buying process, nor is there any guarantee that the pills they are ordering are the real thing.

Users looking to try piracetam can buy the substance from a variety of nootropics sellers online and will likely save some money by going this route. Nootropil is generally sold in either 400 mg or 800 mg doses, and users can easily measure this out at home.

In considering piracetam itself, it’s clear that there are more potent nootropics out there, and some users may feel the results they get from taking piracetam aren’t enough on their own. Many people who have taken this nootropic have reported inconsistent results, and others have mentioned that taking it with choline may improve the effects, as well as lessen any adverse reactions (mostly limited to headaches and dizziness).

In the end, there’s not much of a health risk for healthy users looking to try Nootropil. We’re more concerned about people attempting to buy this on the black market. Users looking for a comprehensive cognitive enhancement product may want to consider something else, like a supplement with a number of known brain-enhancing benefits or a nootropic stack. Nootropil on its own, is designed to protect the brain from damage and improve cognition, but users may only experience subtle effects with use.

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