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What is it?

Nootroo is a nootropic supplement aimed at providing users with a higher level of brain function. This product touts the benefits of helping users improve their ability to form memories, increase attention span, and improve physical endurance.

Nootroo works to boost the brain’s levels of aceylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential to a number of functions, as well as increase mental energy and more. Users take this pill daily, and can expect 6-8 hours of enhanced cognition and verbal recall.

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Nootroo Ingredients and Side Effects

The Nootroo website breaks down the dual formulations for potential users. The formula alternates between a silver and a gold formula, each to be taken every other day. There’s some overlap in the ingredients in each pill, so we’ve opted to list them in one place. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Noopept CDP Choline L-Theanine
Phenylpiracetam Caffeine

Noopept: A nootropic ingredient used to treat anxiety, reducing levels of stress in the brain, noopept is also useful in improving both short and long-term memory with use. It also has shown some promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease or in people with other types of cognitive impairment.

  • Side effects may include irritability, brain fog and headache.

Phenylpiracetam: A nootropic substance used to treat people experience cognitive decline due to head injuries, Alzheimer’s or aging, phenylpiracetam is also used to boost endurance, memory and more.

  • Side effects may include nausea, irritability, and general gastrointestinal distress.

CDP Choline: Also known as citicoline, this ingredient is used to prevent memory, improve mental energy and more, as it enables the brain to produce more of a chemical known as acetylcholine, which is responsible for helping brain cells communicate with each other.

L-Theanine: An amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine is thought to help the brain block out anxiety and reduce stress, and provides users with a unique combination of alertness and relaxation.

Caffeine: A chemical compound found in things like tea, coffee, guarana and more, caffeine is used to provide energy, focus and help users feel more awake. In some cases, caffeine is used to treat ADHD and headaches, and is thought to improve athletic endurance and concentration.

  • Side effects users may experience from taking caffeine include nervousness, trouble sleeping, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, headache and more.

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Nootroo Quality of Ingredients

The Nootroo formula features a solid blend of nootropic ingredients that have the potential to provide users with a blend of stress relief and energy.

The site additionally provides plenty of links to various studies for each ingredient, as well as information about what actually makes a nootropic a nootropic and so on. While there are risks with any supplement, it’s clear this is marketed responsibly and users are provided with easy access to information about the various effects of each component in this product.

It’s worth noting that phenylpiracetam and caffeine may produce more stimulatory effects that not all users will appreciate. Also, phenylpiracetam is a banned substance in many athletic organizations, including the Olympic Committee—it’s legal for most users.

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The Price and Quality of Nootroo

Nootroo is sold on the official Nootroo webpage for $64.95 for a 30-day supply. Each bottle contains 15 silver pills and 15 gold, to be used on alternating days. Users also have the option of saving by enrolling in a monthly subscription service. Should you decide to go with this option, the price is brought down to $54.95 per bottle.

Nootroo is not available through any other platforms like Amazon or GNC, so it looks like the lowest price point is the $54.95 a month deal. This price point may be a little high for some users, but it’s not too much more than similar products.

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Business of Nootroo

The company that makes Nootroo also known as Nootroo. Here’s how you can get into contact with them:

Phone: 800-4-NOOTROO

Nootroo is based out of San Francisco, though we don’t have their address, and have created a really informative website that closely examines the concept of nootropics, in general, as well as gives potential users a closer look at what they can expect from each of the ingredients used to make up both the gold and silver formula.

There’s not much information about the company itself, but they are active on social media and there are no red flags in terms of pricing, marketing language or anything else that might give potential consumers pause.

As far as navigation goes, the website may be a little full of text for some users, but the target audience is likely primarily people who like to read about what they are putting into their body.

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Customer Opinions of Nootroo

Because Nootroo is only available on the official website, there are limited places to read reviews about user experiences with this product. There are a number of testimonials on the site, but it’s hard to take those at face value. Here are a few independent accounts we found online.

“This might be a good choice for someone new to nootropics, as the dosage is already premeasured and they’ve done the research. It’s a little too much money to be sustainable in my opinion.”

“I’m really wary of any branded nootropics. It’s always so hard to find any non-biased research on them and they’re kind of expensive. I think the case here is, you’re just paying for convenience”

“This is way too expensive. I feel like I can just make my own stack. Get a scale, and save some money, this product takes advantage of those who don’t know better. You do need to educate yourself to be sure.”

“It seems like this is primarily noopept and phenylpiracetam. Honestly, I did get some benefits from this product, but from here on out, I’m going to just save some cash by ordering bulk powders.”

Unfortunately, most of the conversation surrounding Nootroo was somewhat vague, and hard to get a good sense as to whether or not this product was well-liked by the people who had used it. Many of the complaints we came across noted that users could create their own stacks from home for a more potent product.

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How Does Nootroo Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Nootroo
  • 40/100
Conclusion – Does NootrooWork?

In general, Nootroo appears to be a good product. There are some slight risks for certain users, like people with a caffeine sensitivity, or those who are part of a high level sports community, as phenylpiracetam is banned by a number of athletic organizations.

The Nootroo website is full of information about the product, and users can expect to find studies on the range of ingredients found in the pill, as well as how the product is supposed to help with memory, stress relief, cognitive effects and all the other promises put forth in the marketing language.

One thing we didn’t like about this product, was the fact that reviews available on the internet were largely limited to testimonials posted on the official website. The site seems legitimate and these people may have really like the product, but we don’t get to hear from many people with a more critical response.

Overall, this product could be a good choice, and likely is a relatively safe option, but we don’t know much about how it worked for real life consumers, which is a critical element in the buying decision for many users today. Especially if they are committing to spending over 60 dollars per 30-day supply.

In considering numerous over-the-counter pills and brain enhancing herbal formulas, and we feel Memotenz can best help users sharpen their brain with regular use. A safe formulation of herbs such as bacopa monnieri, gingko biloba, St. John’s Wort and more, provide a range of benefits without any adverse effects. With the ease of taking a daily pill, users can expect an increased memory and improved focus without relying on stimulant ingredients.

The makers of Memotenz make sure they closely follow Good Manufacturing Practices, as the number one concern is providing users with great results, and no side effects. Click here for a look at all the reasons you should give Memotenz a try.

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