My exercise plan – 5

Last week I had to travel and I think I did a fairly respectable job of keeping up with my diet and exercise. I made the healthiest choices possible at the airports and other meals. Would I have had better choices at home? Totally. But I didn’t dive straight into the safety of a #2 combo meal either. While waiting in the airport, I’d walk around the terminal instead of sitting. The weight of my carry-on should definitely make that count as a work-out.

There were no trainer sessions last week. While I could have just done the cardio and called it quits- I made myself do all the crunches and some of the easier weight exercises. It felt great and I’m glad I did it.

This week I’m traveling again, in NYC. I’ll admit that day one of the trip was a bust. I feel terrible, but the fact that I’ve been doing so well- it’s not going to be as detrimental to have one off day. A lot of walking here, so I won’t just be sitting around.

Last week I only lost one pound, for a total of six, and two points off of my BMI. Not great, but at least it wasn’t a plus-one.

Weight: 143
BMI: 25.5

Week 3
Weight: 137
BMI: 23.5

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