Get Your Shape In-Shape on Tyra

Update: This episode will air again on Monday June 6, 2011.

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Tune in to Tyra on Tuesday, April 5 to learn how Tyra Banks stays in shape. “This is not about being skinny. I want everyone to get in their best personal shape,” says Tyra. The show talks about the healthy way to get a trim and fit body. Tyra, who has recently proclaimed that she is the healthiest she has ever been, will spend the entire episode helping you get fit, feel happy and live healthy. Tyra’s personal nutritionist, Heather Bauer will be a guest on the show. Bauer is also the author of the Wall Street Diet.

Of course, there are no quick fixes for weight loss or fitness, but Tyra promises this is a plan that all her fans and viewer can do with enough determination. Plus, she has a a group of young women as guests on the show, to talk about what they want from getting in shape.

Check your local listings for show times.

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