FullBar Changes Name to BeFull Solutions

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Be full. Eat less. That is the working mantra of BeFull Solution, formerly known as the FullBar.

This spring, the company, which was created by Dr. Michael Snyder, a bariatric surgeon, changed its name from FullBar to BeFull Solution in order to reflect the newly expanded and comprehensive line of weight loss and weight maintenance snacks, bars and drinks.

According to Eric Greene, the Chief Marketing Officer for BeFull Solution, the impetus for the name change came when the team of health and medical experts behind the product line realized that people needed more support in helping them achieve and sustain their weight loss goals. For months, BeFull experts interviewed thousands of individuals who were trekking along various points of their weight loss journey to determine just what promoted or hindered their progress.

These focus groups produced a wealth of important information that were the seeds for the growing BeFull Solution line.

“We discovered that there are certain pivot points throughout the day where people struggle. Therefore, this new line of products and solutions offers a no-hassle tool for addressing cravings, keeping weight off and for portion control,” says Greene.

The intention behind the new BeFull Solution line is the ability to make simple and small changes that can be maintained over the long-term.

Each of the products are designed to help you feel full, but not just in relation to food.

“We really believe in helping people live a full life; free of the physical, emotional and mental baggage that diets so often bring with them,” says Greene.

Here is a complete description of the new BeFull Solution products.

And great news for all BeFull Solution fans: Dr. Snyder has a new book in the making that should hit the shelves in the beginning of 2011.

DietsInReview.com will provide you with the full details as the release draws closer.

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