Emma Roberts Flaunts Slim Figure at Coachella Music Festival

Emma Roberts hasn’t always been the type to make a scene, generally playing coy in interviews and on photo shoots. But all of that seems to be changing now, especially since she showed off her trim, toned body in the barely-there outfit at the Coachella music festival last weekend.

Roberts, 21 and niece of Hollywood megastar Julia Roberts, was spotted at the outdoor music festival in Indio, California, wearing a shredded tube top and cheeky, rolled down denim shorts. The festival – which hosted big name artists like Bon Iver and Florence and the Machine – also drew in such stars as Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Paris Hilton, who also donned equally revealing attire.

Perhaps the controversy stemmed from Roberts being commonly viewed as a proper young lady of Hollywood royalty, or because of her naturally innocent look. But whatever the case, she raised eyebrows when she stepped out in her scandalous dress. But interestingly enough, other celebrities her age who also dress to turn heads, including Miley Cyrus, don’t catch much flack for their risqué wardrobes since it’s almost old hat and expected.

But regardless of the appropriateness of it, we can’t argue that Roberts doesn’t have a great physique. In various interviews with such publications as Seventeen and Women’s Health Magazine, Roberts dished about her healthy habits such as buying organic food and snacking on healthy foods like Wheat Thins. And her favorite food indulgence? Pizza, which she admits she would eat every day, but tries to limit it to every once in a while.

Roberts also reportedly loves sweets, especially chocolate, but tries not eat too many sugary snacks even though junk food is readily available when she’s on location.

But to counteract any damage her diet does, Roberts likes to stays fit by riding her bike and doing plenty of ab work to keep her core in shape. She also enjoys Pilates to stay loose and flexible, as well as pole dancing –  a more risqué form of exercise she enjoys on occasion not only for upper-body strength, but also to build her confidence.

It sounds like Emma Roberts has her act together when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. And as far as our thoughts on dress? No comment. We just hope she continues to stay healthy and treat herself well – tube top or no tube top.

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