Christina Aguilera Has Slimmed Back Down

Christina Aguilera has been one of the celebrities who seems to be stuck in the ups and downs of weight cycling. Within the past year, she has gotten flack about her weight gain.

She really got attention at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert for her larger size after she wore a tight corset and fishnet stockings. Her poor choice brought on some tough criticism and a new nickname, “snookitina.” As you an imagine, this news exploded all over the internet.

It has been reported from other websites including The Huffington Post, the star has seemed to be going through a rough patch. There was of course the awful wardrobe choice at the Michael Jackson’s tribute concert, the odd looking headband she repeatedly wore during the tapings of The Voice, and her unfortunate tanner malfunction.

Aguilera has had to deal with tough comments from Howard Stern saying she was “plus-size” and Kelly Osbourne who said that she never got as fat as her. Even after all the harsh and cruel comments, she has defended herself saying she was “very confident” about her body–a very good message

It’s so easy to criticize celebrities, but we often fail to realize (or choose to ignore) they have their own personal struggles to overcome and being in the constant spotlight makes it that more challenging.

Aguilera’s rough patch probably stemmed from some of the recent personal events in her life.

When people fall victim to weight cycling, it is usually because they fall into the emotional eating traps that plagued their initial weight gain. Renewed awareness of what the triggers are and keeping record of your weight and calorie intake can help you get out of this vicious cycle.

The fact that Christina is looking more put together and has slimmed down may be a sign that she is getting back on track. Comparing the photo of her performing at the concert to a more recent picture of her, it seems that this could be the case.

The recent picture shows the 31-year-old with her boyfriend Matt wearing a dress that hugged her slimmer curves and we think she looks great!

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