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What is it?

Apoaequorin is a drug that is created from the natural extracts of a species of jellyfish. It is recommended by it manufacturer for nootropic purposes, including enhancing memory function.

Apoaequorin distributors have claimed that it can be particularly useful for older individuals who have started to experience the effects of cognitive decline. It is possible that it can also help with thinking clarity and mental sharpness, as well as improving users’ problem solving skills.

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Apoaequorin Ingredients and Side Effects

Apoaequorin: A photoprotein that is extracted from a specific species of glowing jellyfish. The aequorea victoria jellyfish is a North American species of jellyfish that is known for its entirely transparent body and its glowing blue interior.

The blue glow is the product of calcium bonded with Apoaequorin, an enzyme that the jellyfish naturally produce. Apoaequorin was first isolated by the acclaimed marine biologist Osamu Shimomura, who won the Nobel Prize for his work in 2008.

Shimomura found that Apoaequorin could be used to track how the calcium processing systems of animals work by injecting them with Apoaequorin and tracking the process of the now-glowing calcium. It has also been used by scientists as a nutritional supplement in humans, which may have applications for preventing Lou Gehrig’s disease, improving sleep quality, and increasing some measures of mental function.

There has been one highly-debated study that showed that adults that take 10 mg of Apoaequorin per day showed improvement in forgetfulness, word recall, and the need for reminders. This study is of lower quality and its results have not been duplicated, which lends doubt to exactly how useful Apoaequorin may be as a nootropic.

The study’s results did claim that Apoaequorin showed improvements in verbal functioning, maze learning and recall, and list recall. They also reported improved sleep and “quality of life,” however these findings in particular were questioned methodologically.

Another issue with its effectiveness is related to how Apoaequorin is absorbed into the body. When it is ingested, there is very little Apoaequorin that enters the bloodstream. The vast majority is broken down in the gut and excreted without ever becoming bioavailable to the consumer.

In order for Apoaequorin to be absorbed successful, it most likely has to be injected, preferably directly into the brain. This presents a huge number of logistical and safety issues, especially for casual users that are just seeking a daily nutritional supplement.

There is also very little safety data available for Apoaequorin. There is one significant study published in NCBI that claims that Apoaequorin has shown no significant changes to users’ histopathology, clinical pathology, or other markers of toxicity. There is no data about its long-term safety or effectiveness.

The FDA issued a warning to consumers regarding Apoaequorin in 2012. They claimed that Apoaequorin did not meet the requirements to qualify as a nutritional supplement and was in fact considered a drug. More worrisome, the letter also claimed that there have been reports of strokes and seizures that are possibly related to Apoaequorin consumption that have gone unreported.

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Apoaequorin Quality of Ingredients

The most definitive use for Apoaequorin has been the way that it has helped us better understand the way that our bodies – as well as those of several other animal species – process calcium. It does not actually impact calcium function, and has very few benefits for human biofunctionality.

There is very little data that suggests that Apoaequorin could be useful as a nootropic. There has only been one study that has suggested that it might have uses for increased mental functioning, and that study is frequently criticized for its sample size, research methods, and loosely drawn conclusions.

Just because a study is flawed, however, does not mean that its findings are all entirely inaccurate. At this point in time, with the data that we have, it is impossible to say that Apoaequorin does not have any nootropic benefits at all, however our research team would need to see more definitive evidence of its usefulness before recommending it to our readers.

The most concerning thing about Apoaequorin at this juncture are the rumors about unreported seizures and strokes. Those are incredibly serious medical events and if it was found that Apoaequorin could cause them, it would severely limit its usefulness.

In addition to more data about how effective Apoaequorin can be, our team also needs to know that it is safe for the vast majority of its users. At this time, there is not enough data available in order to be able to even encourage our readers to try Apoaequorin.

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The Price and Quality of Apoaequorin

Even though Apoaequorin is considered a drug and not a nutritional supplement it is still legal for purchase in most areas without a prescription. The most common brand of Apoaequorin on the market is called Prevagen. Prevagen is sold in stores across America and internationally online. Here are some of the standard prices being offered for Prevagen products:

  • 1, 30-count box of Prevagen Chewables (10 mg) Apoaequorin capsules: $31.88
  • 1, 30-count box of Prevagen Regular Strength (10 mg) Apoaequorin capsules: $44.95
  • 1, 30-count box of Prevagen Extra Strength (20 mg) Apoaequorin capsules: $59.95
  • 1, 30-count box of Prevagen Professional Strength (40 mg) Apoaequorin capsules: $84.95

This price is considerably higher than most daily nootropic supplements, even ones that have far more reliable data to support their effectiveness. Most users will also want to supplement their Apoaequorin with a secondary nootropic that uses more traditionally effective ingredients, however its high cost may make that a financial impossibility for many users.

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Business of Apoaequorin

Prevagen is a product of Quincy Bioscience, a pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements manufacturer. The contact information that they have published on their website is as follows:

Phone Number: (608) 827-8000

Address: 726 Heartland Trail

Madison, WI 53717

Email: Quincy Biosciences does not choose to publish a public email address, however they do have an electronic customer feedback form that can be used for the same purposes on their contacts page.

Consumers should be aware that Quincy Biosciences has been sent multiple letters about the claims that they have made regarding Prevagen and its effects. The FDA has issued a cease and desist letter as early as January, 2017 that claimed that they had not provided the data needed in order to say that it was beneficial for memory, brain function, clearer mind, or sharper thinking.

This action has yet to be resolved, however. The FDA is seeking full refunds for all consumers that have proof of purchase for Prevagen products. The Federal Trade Commission issued a statement that claimed that “The makers of Prevagen preyed on the fears of older consumers who were experiencing age-related memory loss. But one thing that they forgot was that their claims need to be backed by actual science.”

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Customer Opinions of Apoaequorin

Consumer feedback regarding their experiences with Apoaequorin have been particularly negative. The most common rating for their products on Amazon and GNC is one star, the lowest possible rank on both sites. Here are some of the specific comments made by previous users about their experiences with Apoaequorin:

“I’m so disappointed in myself that I bought this product and used it for a month without doing any research. After realizing that it was doing nothing for me, I actually checked in to this stuff and found out how useless it really is.”

“I had to quit using this stuff because every time I tried it it gave me a screaming headache – I felt like I was about to have a stroke. After a couple times of getting the same result, I ended up ditching the rest of the bottle.”

“Total snake oil. I would give this product -100 stars if I could.”

The negative reviews covered a wide range of issues with Apoaequorin. They touched on side effects, the high cost, feeling used by the company, and general product ineffectiveness.

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How Does Apoaequorin Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Apoaequorin
  • 29/100
Conclusion – Does Apoaequorin Work?

There is very little data that suggests that Apoaequorin could be functional as an oral dietary supplement. Its clinical history is exceptionally limited, and the little data that there is about it is not considered reliable.

There are significant problems with the way that Apoaequorin is absorbed. It may only be effective when injected cerebrally, which presents a number of health complications, however oral ingestion has shown that it is not an effective method of uptake.

Lastly the reports from people that have actually tried it are not encouraging. The ratings that it gets are low, and the reports of side effects are even higher than was expected.

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