Youble Offers a Solution for Those Who Can’t Make it to the Gym

Getting to your favorite classes at the gym isn’t always easy, and you may have bought some home workout videos for the days getting to the gym is as possible as getting your child to do their chores. Yet, after a while those workout videos begin to collect dust because you can’t bare the thought of doing the exact same routine one more time. So what do you do?

Realizing this is an issue, Yu Hannah Kim helped co-found and is president of The website was created based on Kim’s belief that high quality fitness training should be available to everyone at their convenience.

It offers over 10 different classes including Balletone, a registered trademark that is a fusion of fitness, ballet and yoga sequences ending with barre and stretching. It is designed to build strength and balance. All of the classes are thirty minutes in length except for the 15 minute core class. currently has six instructors. Kim Sin, recently on the cover of The Yoga Journal, will be the seventh instructor starting April 3rd. All of the instructors provide their own unique and exciting classes. Not only do they instruct classes but also provide video tips and are able to answer any of your question, usually within a day.

A big difference between Youble and at-home workout videos, is that the classes are updated twice a week, so you’re never stuck with a stale and boring routine. This also means that if you miss a few days you are not able to “make-up” that class. They do this on purpose to encourage you to not miss any days.

It offers a free two week trial to give you the opportunity to see what it is all about. With the free trial you are limited to 60 minutes but once you sign up you can follow as many classes as you would like with unlimited access. It is $9.99 a month for the first year, and $14.99 after that. When you sign up you are not forced into a contract like a lot of gyms make you do and you can cancel anytime and will still have access up till the end of that paid month.

Your monthly membership would include a customized workout plan and helps you find the best workout classes based on your fitness goals. A social platform is provided, with a virtual room coming April 24th, for you to receive motivation from the instructors and other users.

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