What NOT to Do When Dining Out, from a Guy Who’s Lost Over 100 Pounds

Since my weight loss/healthier lifestyle began 5 years ago, I very rarely partake in bread or appetizers, but this day everything that I know and teach went out the window.  I ate the bread, had a bit of everyone’s appetizers, and eventually had my entire entree.

Folks, the above is what NOT to do.  Here are a few tips to help you avoid a similar eating frenzy when going out to eat:

1) Eat a little something before heading out.  You may not be hungry right then and there, but remember it takes time to get to your destination, to get seated, ordering and getting served. Eating a little something beforehand will prevent that ravishing feeling.

2) Drink at least one full glass of water before ordering your food.  Many times, our minds confuse thirst for hunger. And when we are hungry, we order more than we really should or even need.

3) If you must have some of the bread basket, eat only the crust.  This will save you some calories and A LOT of carbs while still allowing you to enjoy some bread.

4) Ask your server to bring you a “to-go” box and a bag.  This way you can pack half of your meal to go.  Most restaurants nowadays have servings that are enough for an entire family.  You will see that by not having an entire serving staring you down, you will feel satisfied with just half. Besides, if you are truly hungry later on, you can always dig in to your “doggie” bag… later!


Eli Sapharti is a health coach and author who has lost—and kept off—more than 100 pounds. You can find home through his website, www.fatboyfitman.com, on Facebook, or via Twitter


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