Using Your DNA, Newtopia Provides Effective Weight Loss Results

Losing weight is difficult, but with the right tools, the journey can be a bit easier. One program that takes weight loss beyond just diet and exercise is Newtopia. This program involves using your DNA to determine if you have certain genetic variations that may affect how you lose weight. The three different genes that are examined are the body fat gene (FTO), appetite gene (MC4R) and the eating behavior gene (DRD2). You submit your DNA through a simple saliva test that is examined by Newtopia. Once your results are determined, you will have a blueprint for losing weight.

President and CEO of Newtopia, Jeff Ruby, spoke with me about the importance of an individualized program. “We’ve learned through extensive research that one size does not fit all when it comes to health and weight loss. We are pioneering an age of personalized health coaching based on your genes so you can lose weight and live healthier – for life,” he said. “We designed our simple, painless genetic profile to determine whether clients possess one of three possible genetic vulnerabilities to weight gain.” Once your genetic vulnerabilities are known, you can have a nutrition and exercise program designed around that which will help you effectively lose weight.

Clients are assigned a Newtopia coach that works with you on creating an individualized program. When you have your first meeting with your coach, they explain your DNA results, come up with a daily calorie target and develop your nutrition and fitness plan. You meet with your coach once each week for as long as you are on the program and change your nutrition and exercise goals as needed. The coaches employed by Newtopia are required to have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, kinesiology or psychology. Coaches are also thoroughly trained by the Newtopia expert team and each client is matched with their coach based on their personality profile.

I had the opportunity to try this program and I was very impressed with the simplicity of everything. I have a great coach and the information about my DNA actually made a lot of sense when I looked at how my body has previously responded to certain foods and exercise. My results revealed that I have a gene variation that benefits more from vigorous rather than moderate exercise. My gene variation also shows that I tend to gain weight when eating a diet that is higher in carbohydrates than those that don’t have the variation. Due to this information, my eating plan consists of 40 percent of my daily calories coming from carbohydrates, 28 percent from protein, and 32 percent from fat.

One thing that stuck out to me is I was not forced to drastically cut my carbohydrate intake. My daily carbohydrate count is just five percent lower than what someone without this gene variation might consume. When asked if there is ever a food group isolated or severely limited, Jeff Ruby stated, “Newtopia will recommend the right number of calories, within the right food groups and combinations to achieve your goals, but there is no restriction on what you cannot have.” This is so important because for many people, being given a list of things you can’t eat triggers an insatiable craving for that food which can lead to binge eating.

One other very important part of the Newtopia program is the Newtopia PED. The PED is an electronic pedometer that you place on your shoe. The PED is wireless and it tracks the number of steps you take each day, the calories you burn, the number of active minutes you have each day and how far you’ve walked. As you use it, the Newtopia PED learns your unique footstep and is much more accurate than pedometers that might attach to your belt. Your nutrition, exercise and DNA results are all stored within the Newtopia portal so you have access to all of your information at any time.

The Newtopia program focuses on the importance of proper eating and exercise for your individual body. The types of changes that are recommended for you to lose weight on this program are things you can maintain for the rest of your life without feeling deprived. If you are someone that has tried several diets without success, Newtopia could be a great option for learning what your body really needs for permanent and safe weight loss. Having lost over 10 pounds on the program, I believe the Newtopia program has all of the elements needed for long lasting weight loss.

While Newtopia provided complimentary service, this review was not sponsored or influenced in any way.

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