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What is it?

TribX90 is a male enhancement product that is designed to help users’ testosterone function. Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is highly beneficial for erectile health, libido, and a variety of other sexual and athletic functions.

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TribX90 Ingredients and Side Effects

There is only one main active ingredient in TribX90’s proprietary blend. There are however, some inactive ingredients that are concerning to our panel of health and wellness experts. The contents of TribX90 are:

Tribulus Terrestris FD&C Blue #1, Red #40

Tribulus Terrestris: One of the most popular ingredients currently found in male enhancement products. Tribulus terrestris is a taken because it is and adaptogen that can also increase the positive effects of testosterone.

Tribulus terrestris was first cultivated in China, however it has spread across Asia and into Europe as people became more aware of its beneficial properties. Tribulus was initially considered a nuisance due to the spiny hull that surrounds its fruit that is sharp enough to prick skin, get tangled in clothing, and even puncture bicycle tires. This lead to the fruits nicknames “puncture vine and tackweed.”

Many less reputable supplements manufacturers will claim that tribulus terrestris is a testosterone booster, but that’s an inaccurate way of describing its function. What it actually does is increase the sensitivity of the brain’s androgen receptors – the part that responds to the testosterone.

Tribulus terrestris helps the testosterone that the body does produce go farther. This is important, because testosterone is the main hormone in charge of initiating male sexual responsiveness. Tribulus magnifies all of these effects, increasing the power of testosterone’s benefits.

Testosterone – also called simply “T” by many members of the medical and athletic communities – is a key part of the libido. Higher T levels make a man more likely to have sexual thoughts, it makes those thoughts more intense, and it increases the likelihood that they will choose to act on those thoughts.

With an increase in sexual thoughts comes an increase in the frequency of men’s erections. Not only do they happen more often, but they are also harder when they do occur and they are more likely to be retained up to the point of orgasm.

Orgasms are less likely to happen prematurely in men with higher T levels, and when they do occur they are more intense and pleasurable. During orgasm, men with higher T expel a greater volume of ejaculate, and it tends to be of a higher quality than men with lower T.

The seminal fluid has more sperm per fluid ounce, and the sperm themselves are more energetic and longer-lived. This means that men with higher T are more fertile, more virile, and less likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

There are also a number of non-sexual benefits to testosterone, such as it helps burn fat and build muscle. It also improves mood and mental function, immune function, decision making, and other basic biological processes.

FD&C Blue #1, Red #40: These are food dyes that have no medicinal or therapeutic value. There is no reason to use these coloring agents other than for aesthetic value, however they have been linked to some very serious health concerns long term.

Blue #1, also known as Brilliant Blue, has been shown to increase the likelihood of consumers experiencing mental issues such as ADD and mood changes. It can cause users to experience asthma attacks, skin discoloration, and the FDA just released a warning saying that it was the cause of death in some patients during a food safety study.

Red #40 is actually the most common food dye in the United States, however recent studies have shown that it can cause cancer in some patients, leading the Department of Health and Human Services to classify it as a known carcinogen. Another study showed that it lowered the reproductive rates of rats in experiment, decreased their brain weight, and lowered the chance for survival of newborns.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

TribX90 Quality of Ingredients

TribX90 has a fairly limited ingredients mixture. Tribulus terrestris is a highly effective ingredient as part of a male enhancement blend because of its ability to optimize the effects of the body’s testosterone. By itself, however, it is somewhat less effective.

Men that have high testosterone already may see benefits, however if a person has low T levels initially, then tribulus will not be as helpful. For it to have the most impact on a person they should also be taking a testosterone booster like tongkat ali or L-Arginine.

Blue #1 and Red #40 do not belong in supplements of any kind. It is bad enough how much people get exposed to them in food products, however there is no excuse for their presence in health and wellness products.

These dyes offer no nutritional value, but they can have incredibly harmful effects when taken over time. Their presence is especially worrisome in products like TribX90 and other supplements that are designed to be taken every day. Our team does not recommend any nutritional supplement that uses artificial food dyes like Red #40 and Blue #1.

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The Price and Quality of TribX90

TribX90 is widely available. It can be found in most major vitamins and nutrition retailing chains, and there are quite a few different places that it can be purchased from online. Given how widely available it is the price can vary considerably, however potential customers should generally be able to find it in this range:

  • 1, 90-count bottle of TribX90 capsules: $15.99-$19.99

The directions for TribX90 only stipulate one pill per day, so this is a 90-day supply. This is far less expensive than most male enhancement supplements, which makes sense given TribX90 limited ingredients list.

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Business of TribX90

TribX90 is made by Allmax Nutrition, an athletic supplements and nutrition products manufacturer. The can be contacted at:

Phone Number: (416) 223-4561

Address: 4576 Yonge St Suite 509

North York, ON M2N 6N4, Canada


Customers should be aware that the FDA has previously contacted Allmax Nutrition about their advertising and labeling practices. They have also been the target of a class action lawsuit alleging that they knowingly mislabeled their products in an attempt to mislead consumers.

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Customer Opinions of TribX90

Given the availability of TribX90, there are also quite a few customer reviews of their product posted online. Unfortunately, the majority of those reviews are not particularly positive for TribX90. Many reports were similar to these:

“Do NOT take these if you are prone to migraines. I’d get one every time I took one, and I also broke out like crazy. I stopped taking it in less than a week and just threw away the rest of the pills.”

“Made me very anxious. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. Not pleasant.”

“I’d heard great things about tribulus, so maybe it’s just this brand that sucks.”

There were complaints about a variety of side effects that users experienced, including the migraines, nervousness and anxiety mentioned above. There were also reports of gastro-intestinal issues, skin problems, and mood swings.

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How Does TribX90 Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • TribX90
  • 42/100
Conclusion – Does TribX90 Work?

Most health and wellness experts agree that tribulus terrestris is a highly effective chemical for male enhancement. It boosts testosterone receptivity in the brain, increasing the beneficial effects of the hormone.

It is always going to be a more effective product when it is paired with a testosterone booster. Without that, the effectiveness of tribulus will largely be dependent on users’ existing T levels, which for many men is the reason that they are looking for a male enhancement product in the first place.

For some reason their manufacturer also felt that including artificial dyes to make the pills look appealing was more important than creating a product that is going to be safe for all of its users. Our team does not recommend our readers buy any health or wellness product that uses Blue #1 or Red #40.

The most effective male enhancement product that’s available without a doctor’s recommendation is Viritenz. Their ingredients blend features tribulus terrestris, as well as a variety of testosterone boosters.

These chemicals all work together to increase the benefits of testosterone such as improved erectile function, better orgasms, and an increase in sexual thoughts and fantasies. Click here to see the complete ingredients panel for Viritenz, with dosage information.

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