Jamie Oliver Reacts Strongly to Comments about his Weight

Food Revolution leader Jamie Oliver may have stuck his foot in his mouth this week while giving an interview in Australia.

Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef, cookbook author, and health advocate was in Australia to promote his partnership with the government to address the nation’s obesity issues. While giving an interview with a female NBC News journalist, Oliver got very defensive with one of her questions after she asked if he had gained weight.

“I don’t know. I am very healthy. I think the last time I had a filling in my teeth, which was quite recently, I was in good nick. But really, I am not really sure. Are you from a tabloid? Thank you for noticing, you bitch.”

Oliver later explained that he wasn’t feeling well after having drinks the night before and that he didn’t understand what the question was implying.

“I went out last night and had a few drinks after a very long day, (and) my brain did not quite understand that question.”

Oliver also defended his health to the critics who came down on him for not practicing what he preaches about health.

“I do my best . . . working in the food business is quite hard when someone is constantly asking you to try things. I eat fresh, I train twice a week. I could definitely do better, but I am trying to do my best like most people when they hit 30.”

Oliver’s going to have to do some damage control to make up for that slip. However, for those of us who love his work, I think we’ll forgive him this time. It is important that the one throwing the first stone keep his life in check, but weight and health is a battle we all face everyday. Jamie, you may have lost that round. Get up, brush off, and get back in the ring, we need you fighting the good fight.

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