How to Lose 25 Pounds

woman in refrigeratorLosing weight requires plenty of mental toughness and dedication. Below are the top 10 ways to lose 25 pounds. Good luck and stay focused!!

1. Clean out the fridge: Throw out all the unhealthy junk food in the house and replace it with healthy choices.

2. Cancel your cable: Sitting around and watching television will not help you reach your goal.

3. Exercise: Focus on cardio and weight training three to five times a week.

4. Go shopping: Walking from store to store will keep you physically active.

5. Stairs: Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

6. Go for a walk: Try taking a walk as often as you can along with your daily exercise; morning, afternoon, and evening.

7. No fast food: Avoid going out to eat due to all the unhealthy choices and additives in the food.portion of spaghetti

8. Diet: Watch what you eat, calorie intake, and portion sizes.

9. Set a goal: Goal setting is a great way to help you stay focused.

10. Have fun: Find fun things that you enjoy and do them. Go ice skating, skiing, or hiking. Just try and stay busy and active.

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