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Stress, age, hormonal imbalances, performance anxiety, and low sex drive are just some of the root causes that can lead to issues in the bedroom. It used to be that one would need expensive procedures and pills to help solve these issues, which can be pricy and may lead to side effects. Solutions for natural male enhancement are available that require no invasive surgery or harsh ingredients such as stimulants, drugs, or artificial additives.

Our review experts have looked at several types of male enhancement pills and they’ve formulated a list of the overall best ones which have been customer approved.

Before making a decision it’s important to keep in mind many key things to look for to choose a functional male enhancement pill. It takes some basic knowledge to understand what these pills can do and how it will affect the body.

Learn about which male enhancement pills were featured in the top 10 list in an informative easy to read format.


The Mechanism of Male Enhancement:


Erectile dysfunction is something that can plague males for many reasons, and with age this risk will naturally increase. It used to be believed that this was mostly due to psychological reasons, but according to Doug Lording a professor of medicine at Monash University:

“used to be thought ED was 80 percent psychological and 20 percent physical… it’s probably the other way around”

Because of this knowledge, it’s best to give the body what it needs to help support performance in the bedroom. Things like natural herbs, minerals, vitamins, and other potent extracts have been proven effective for providing natural male enhancement support.

Male enhancement can mean many different things including improving the quality of erections, the force and quantity of active sperm, supporting sexual satisfaction, aiding healthy libido and sex drive, preventing premature ejaculation or soft erections, and supporting length and girth, which are among some of  the most common concerns in the bedroom.

Natural solutions are available and there is science to back up the use of ancient herbs and other kinds of ingredients. Steve Lamm, an assistant professor of medicine had the following to say about herbs:

“these remedies may be appropriate for men who have experienced… decline in sexual performance but do not suffer from… diagnosable sexual problem”

According to his research, natural remedies do exist for people who do not have any real sexual complications which are the cause of serious underlying problems. This means that male enhancement pills can be a functional solution to for most people who are relatively healthy. This is why many supplements will often use the same basic formula in different ingredient strengths.

The link featured has a list revealing which male enhancement pills were rated as the best for sexual performance.


What is the Root Cause of Lacking Sexual Ability?


Male enhancement pills will often target many different factors to help prevent ED such as:

  • Testosterone: One of the most important male sex hormones that is necessary for controlling bone and muscle mass, as well as body hair. This is necessary for overall well-being. Low energy, reduced desire for sex and less desire to accomplish goals is a possibility when testosterone is not operating at its normal rate.

Increased age, stress, weight, and lack of exercise can trigger low testosterone. There are hormonal therapies available, but a healthy diet and certain herbs can boost testosterone.

Ginseng, zinc, oyster extract, vitamin B6, magnesium, Tribulis Terrestris, L-Arginine, and other ingredients can help keep testosterone healthy. Actual testosterone therapy may work, but it can also lead to side effects.  Lower levels of testosterone are common as men age, particularly when age 40 and above is reached. However, there are solutions which can prevent an even greater decline.

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  • Blood Flow: Arousal will stimulate the brain to increase the flow of blood to the penis. When this happens the penis will expand and become erect. To increase blood flow it’s often advised to exercise, eat foods which raise nitric oxide levels, restrict smoking, and taking in vitamins and minerals.

Blood flow is important and certain male enhancement supplements will cater to gym goers, as exercise can be an additional component of overall sex drive and the increase of blood. When blood is flowing through the body it makes it easier to maintain a steady erection with strong girth and a longer size.

When blood flow is inactive or limited, this can often result in erections not lasting and in soft parts in the penis. Ingredients which can raise nitric oxide and things like amino acids, zinc, and others have science to show how effective they are at aiding erections.

  • Libido: This helps keep one interested in sex and provides overall virility. This is also closely tied to testosterone and dopamine, which are also connected to lifestyle choices. It hasn’t been established how much sexual desire one should have, but it is normal under the right circumstances in the bedroom to remain aroused for the entirety of sexual intercourse.

Aphrodisiacs can be taken which are often found in herbal remedies or via nutrients found in foods. These can all help to maintain a healthy sexual appetite, and in particular whenever it’s needed in the bedroom.

One can be sexually attracted to their partner and want to perform, but lack the overall output needed to feel as though one can have sex. It is known that sexual drive reaches a peak at around 15 to 16 years of age, which then declines particularly in later age. Though it is normal to have limited libido, it’s not normal for it to be always inactive.

By increasing the overall desire for sex, one can feel reinvigorated whenever the time to perform is needed.

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  • Sexual Anxiety: Either caused by the intake of caffeine or other related stimulants, or by having nagging doubts. By increasing libido one can focus less on what could be, and instead paying attention to having a good sexual experience.

Too much stimulants can lead to a general feeling of anxiety, though it can also provide energy. This is why some supplement companies will add ingredients like Yohimbe, caffeine, bitter orange, and other similar extras acts. Limiting this is important however, as it can also contribute to sexual issues.

Sexual anxiety is especially normal for first time encounters or in people who have the fear of not performing to the best of their abilities. This is why taking an external solution such as a supplement can aid in one feeling much more relaxed, and intent on wanting to pleasure their partners.

  • Impotence: A form of this is seen in being unable to reach orgasm. Risk of impotence naturally increases with age, and can be caused by things such as obesity, high blood pressure, vascular diseases, and sleep disorders.

Low sperm count and a lack of semen can also be corrected with certain herbs, vitamins, and minerals. This is another form of impotence which means you’re unlikely to have enough healthy sperm to help create a child.

Impotence can affect at random times, and it can be embarrassing for some to experience this during sexual intercourse. It isn’t always caused by one’s partner, and it can often be linked to things like not being in the mood or lacking confidence.

A study by a Dr. Darius Paduch at New York Presbyterian Hospital found that 58% of men have difficulty in ejaculating. However, this can be treated with many things including supplements.

There are ingredients which have been clinically studied to help treat all the above listed ailments.  Provided in the link is our expert crafted list of the best male enhancement solutions.


Available Solutions for Male Enhancement:


Many options for male enhancement are available with some offering much less invasive changes:

  • Penis Pump: Actual devices which are added to help assist in the production of strong erections. This is often considered to be safe though it can take some time getting used to. Potential side effects are reduced force of ejaculation, bruising, discomfort, and other similar symptoms.

Though slightly different approaches are available, the intention is to help keep blood flow centralized, which in turn prevents it from escaping an erect penis. One has to use the device often just before sex, which can be inconvenient for some.

Certain devices are costly and may not be advised for long term use. Find out which male enhancement pills can provide the best benefits by clicking the link.

  • HGH or Steroid: When taking these kinds of hormones one has to be carefully monitored, due to it potentially leading to imbalances. This may cause mood swings, fits of anger, and difficulty relaxing.

Pricing can be difficult and you have to get it prescribed from a doctor. Due to it taking extensive research and knowledge of what it can do, it may be too extreme for some. There has to be testing done to ensure one is actually requiring of testosterone, as it is not advised for all.

Studies on its long term effects are not known, but there have been studies showing it can produce serious side effects in the short term. When manipulating hormones it’s impossible to judge what it can do.

  • Therapy: For those with a mental block, seeking counseling can be a way to help reduce the psychological barrier that can occur during sex. While this can be effective for some, for those with low testosterone or related issues this would not be necessary. It can also be expensive and invasive to pursue.

This also requires one to tell a therapist personal details about one’s sex life, which may be embarrassing and troublesome for some. No guarantees are offered in those who seek sex therapy, and this technique can vary depending on who is providing the support.

  • Pills: Many different kinds of supplements are available, though not all have a comprehensive enough formula. Some use added stimulants to provide more energy, while others use natural herbs and proven safe vitamins and minerals. Not all pills contain a properly functioning formula however.

There are also prescription pills which tend to cost more and have more potential side effects than supplements. Fortunately, there are natural supplements which can deliver results without any of the invasiveness of actual prescribed pills such as Viagra.

These kinds of prescription pills often have potential side effects, and they are not covered by any money back guarantee. You also have to talk to a doctor, unlike supplements which require no sort of prescription.

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Top Ranked Male Enhancement Pills:


Many kinds of options are available for male enhancement, and our review experts have looked at company’s history, customer reviews, the dosing strength of the ingredients, and whether or not clinical studies and reliable science have proven the effectiveness of these supplements.

They have thoroughly reviewed that is possible in each of these pills, and determined which are the overall best for treating all forms of sexual dysfunction. Whether it is related to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, or the need to raise testosterone and aid blood flow, there are many kinds of supplements which can offer well-rounded results for peak sexual function.

Featured underneath are the most effective solutions for male enhancement currently available:

  1. Viritenz:

Made with all-natural ingredients which have all been clinically studied to enhance performance, desire, and stamina in the bedroom. No added unwanted artificial additives, preservatives or fillers are used. Each ingredient serves a unique purpose, and this is why our review experts have rated it as the best male enhancement pill.

They also offer testimonials and descriptive explanations as to the effectiveness and overall use of Viritenz.  Many users have said that it helped give them enhanced sexual satisfaction for themselves and their partners.

Pros: Has studied ingredients which have been shown to promote healthy libido and all-around sexual support.  The manufacturers sell it for a fair price and add supplemental information to help support its use.

Cons: Only available online and the creators have been known to run out of stock often, which may lead to backorders.

Visit the official website of Viritenz to learn more about what it can do for natural support in the bedroom.

  1. Enzyte:

An herbal blend of ingredients meant to increase testosterone and treat erectile dysfunction. Potent ingredients like zinc, niacin, and ginseng are added which have been shown to be effective. They also add only natural ingredients instead of relying on artificial additives.

There main intended benefit is being able to have maximized erections and responsiveness for when one is feeling sexual. They also add how it can help one feel more confident and able to have sex whenever the moment strikes.

Pros: Has only natural ingredients added which have been thoroughly reviewed.  Their website also offers an easy to understand explanation as to what is possible, and what benefits the ingredients have.

Cons: Some users have had to combine it with other pills to maximize their sexual enhancement. Also, not all reviews have been positive. There was also a raid on the company’s facilities which lead to a criminal indictment due to the breaking of many serious laws.

  1. Nugenix:

Made specifically to help older men deal with lower testosterone. While it has both good and bad reviews, there are some studied ingredients which have been shown effective. Tribulus terrestris, b vitamins, and zinc are included which are wholesome and shown to enhance sexual function.

They have a 14 day trial offered as well. This is intended to help give one the ability to perform for maximized confidence and overall healthy testosterone.

Pros: Has natural ingredients, many of which have been studied to be effective. Their website is also easy to navigate and they help support service men and women.

Cons: Expensive for what’s offered, and there are many mixed reviews from customers.  Some have said it did not provide any of the claimed benefits mentioned.

  1. Xanogen:

The natural formula in this is used to enhance the size of the penis as well as provide energy. There is an added stimulant which has to be taken with caution, and it cannot be taken too late in the day. It’s also advised to limit use as it can lead to sleep disturbances and other related side effects.

There is an herbal formula used and many customer testimonials as well as a sleek website.

Pros: They provide a lot of details about the use of this supplement. There are also some healthy ingredients used such as maca and Tribulus terrestris.

Cons: Much more expensive than the average male enhancement pill. Because of the added stimulant there is a risk of side effects.

  1. Andro400:

Not only used to enhance testosterone, but also made to burn fat which can also help enhance overall libido. This has a blend of 3 sole ingredients. The company has also said there are no possible side effects.  They also only add natural ingredients and provide descriptive testimonials for people to read.

Pros: Sold for cheap and they provide numerous positive testimonials. The additional fat burning effects may be needed for those who are struggling with obesity.

Cons: Limited in its capabilities due to it only having 3 ingredients. There have also been negative reviews from many claiming it failed to provide any positive changes.

Learn about Viritenz, the top ranked best male enhancement pill which contains natural ingredients.

  1. Androzene:

Added to Androzene is a long list of blood flow enhancers and ingredients made to boost sexual satisfaction. It has more ingredients than other male enhancement pills, and because of this it also has a much higher cost. It is also endorsed by an Olympic coach who claims it has provided benefits in the bedroom.

Pros: Reduced prices are offered on multiple purchases, and the company does use many kinds of ingredients which can work.

Cons: Expensive, some have complained about side effects, and the added stimulants should be avoided for those who are susceptible to symptoms.

  1. Ageless Male:

Made specifically to help older males regain healthy testosterone for support in the bedroom and in the gym. They add some uncommon ingredients which have bene shown to help aid testosterone. It can also provide more strength and endurance during workouts.

This was created for men in their 40’s and older, making it a specialized formula.

Pros: Sold for a relatively cheap price and they offer a money back guarantee.

Cons: Many have said they failed to notice any benefits. There aren’t many ingredients which can help aid male enhancement.

  1. Zyrenix:

Made to provide 24 hours of support for enhanced blood flow and sexual stimulation. There are additives in this which have been shown to provide energy and support healthy libido. This is said to be the strongest sexual enhancer. While it does have effective ingredients, not all of them have been proven effective and safe.

Pros: Some of these ingredients can help enhance testosterone and provide lasting energy.

Cons: Several customers have complained about the company for scam like activities. There are also stimulants used which can lead to unwanted symptoms.

  1. ExtenZe:

Contains ingredients like ginseng, the amino acid L-Arginine, minerals such as folic acid and zinc, and the stimulant Yohimbe.This supplement is one of the most common male enhancement supplements, due to its mass amounts of marketing.

This is often found in drug stores and is often marketed in late night commercials.

Pros: Sold at about a standard rate for similar pills and the formula include many studied ingredients.

Cons: Customers have complained about scam like activities, side effects, and the lack of male enhancement support. Many actually became sick and were unable to continue using it due to nausea, stomach issues, and lack of well-being.

  1. Virectin:

Containing an all-natural formula, this has many kinds of ingredients which can help with male enhancement. Out of all kinds of male enhancement supplements, this one contains more active ingredients. They also make sure to provide a quality control certification, and it’s made in the US.

Pros: Sold for a relatively average price and there are some proven ingredients added to this.

Cons: Takes a week long for it to deliver effects and many have said it never gave them any noticeable changes. The majority of online reviews have focused on the negative aspects of Virectin.

For information about the most effective male enhancement pill Viritenz, click the link provided here.




Real solutions for male enhancement are offered in easy to take forms such as supplements. They’re important for regulating healthy testosterone as well, which can help provide numerous benefits. This can help give one more potency and virility, and prevent low-energy, fatigue, lack of motivation, and provide sexual satisfaction.

Whether it feels like a mental block or an actual decline in sexual ability, natural supplements are offered which are unlikely to cause any unwanted side effects. They can help:

  • Provide lasting energy and endurance: Instead of relying on stimulants or only short lasting solutions, the right supplement can help give one a reenergized charge to take control in the bedroom.

The benefit of this is that one can experience a healthy sex life without having to take any unwanted stimulants which can affect quality of sleep.

With enhanced energy one can also be more active which in turn can help one burn more calories and keep weight stable. Weight gain is another factor which can reduce one’s ability to engage in sex. This is why it’s important to have additional support from a supplement which can keep one active.

The all-around well-being benefits can help sustain a healthy lifestyle and give one the confidence to perform whenever sex is presented. This reduces the likelihood of one feeling as though healthy sex is not possible.

  • Boost testosterone: Low levels of testosterone can affect one’s quality of life, and this can include one’s sex life. While testosterone will be naturally reduced over time, there are certain ingredients which can stall this effect and also boost testosterone. This is an important factor for healthy sex and it’s necessary in order to enhance desire.

Testosterone is highly linked to the ability to want to accomplish goals, and it can also aid in healthy aggression. When testosterone is low it can make one feel less energetic and reduce the likelihood that one will be able to give their greatest performance during sexual intercourse.

Certain herbs and nutrients can help support healthy testosterone by reducing risk factors.

  • Get rid of performance anxiety: When you’re uncertain of what might happen in the bedroom, it’s impossible to focus on the moment. This is why it’s important to take something which will reignite one’s ability to maintain an erection, as well as giving one the desire to remain an active participant in the bedroom.

Performance anxiety can strike when one is not focusing on one’s partner, which is why taking a supplement can raise libido to a healthy level where there is no fear of suddenly losing blood flow to the penis. This can reignite one’s abilities and make it easier to enjoy sex as it comes.

This can affect even those who are relatively healthy, which is why it’s beneficial to supplement with ingredients which can reinvigorate the quality of sex one has.

  • Reduce cortisol: This stress hormone can lead to issues in life and during sex. Over time the buildup of unhealthy cortisol can affect testosterone and make one less likely to want to ever engage in sex.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce stress such as certain vitamins, herbs, and minerals which will help one remain calm and less likely to be overstimulated.  Cortisol is healthy in certain amounts, but when produced at a high rate it makes it harder to want to actually have sex, as well as reduce the overall quality of life.

  • Prevent impotence: Not only can male enhancement pills prevent the likelihood of having soft or infrequent erections, but it can also target the production of healthy semen. This is necessary in order to increase fertility, and to also have better orgasms. When the penis is fully hard and able to stay full of girth and size, it can enhance sexual satisfaction for one’s partner and oneself.

There are many unique formulas and out of all the available options, the most effective one overall was found to be Viritenz. Discover what’s inside Viritenz and what makes it the best supplement of its kind by clicking this link.

Viritenz was rated as the best of its kind due to its GMP certification, number of customer reviews, studied formula, and because they make sure to add a wholesome formula that’s added in a strong enough dosage strength. This makes it a potent supplement which can not only allow for the desire of sex to remain, but also the ability through better blood flow and regulated testosterone.

It’s sold at a fair price considering the dosage strength of its ingredients, and the amount of healthy effects it can have to support satisfying sex. Users have said it helped give them more confidence in the bedroom, and that it was free of any unwanted side effects. Their full ingredients list is available on the official website, and potential users can read about what’s inside by visiting the official website.

Only studied ingredients are used which have been shown to deliver well-rounded effects. The benefit of Viritenz is that it has additives meant to treat any kinds of sexual issues which can prevent a healthy sex life. These natural ingredients have the ability to give one a recharged sex life for whenever performance is needed.

Visit the official Viritenz website to see what it can do for natural male enhancement.

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