Anthroplex Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

Anthroplex is a male enhancement pill that targets low energy and vitality. This product is meant to be taken twice daily as a dietary supplement to restore the users “masculine foundation.”

Anthroplex is made using a vegan blend of herbal ingredients, including tribulus terrestris, long jack and epimedium. The maker of Anthroplex doesn’t mention how the product works, but it does contain ingredients targeting sexual function and libido.

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Anthroplex Ingredients and Side Effects

The official Anthroplex label is posted online. According to the packaging it only contains four active ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris Long Jack
Zinc Epimedium

Tribulus Terrestris: A key ingredient in a number of male enhancement supplements, tribulus terrestris is thought to help improve energy and stamina, boost testosterone levels naturally and aid in muscle building.

Long Jack: An evergreen tree found in Southeast Asia, long jack is used to increase libido, boost metabolism and energy and improve athletic performance with use. It may also improve male fertility.

Zinc: Zinc supports a number of cellular processes within the body, which lays the groundwork for a healthy reproductive system. Zinc plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy sperm count.

Epimedium: An herb used to make a number of traditional Chinese medicines, epimedium is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction and sexual performance problems.

  • Epimedium may cause nosebleeds, dizziness, thirst, vomiting, spasms and trouble breathing. It may also be linked to causing users to experience heart palpitations or increase the chances of a heart arrhythmia.

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Anthroplex Quality of Ingredients

After reviewing the ingredients used to make Anthroplex, it’s clear that makers of this product have honed in on a formula of key male enhancement ingredients. Tribulus terrestris and long jack have been used for centuries to improve sexual function and even stimulate the production of testosterone.

Epimedium, however, is one area where we have some concerns. See, while there has been some strong evidence that epimedium is useful in stimulating the libido and helping men get and keep an erection, it also comes with some negative side effects.

Anthroplex also may not have enough of a well-rounded formula to produce the results it promises.

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The Price and Quality of Anthroplex

Anthroplex is sold on Amazon for $38.95 for a bottle that contains 60 pills. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official website for Anthroplex and it is otherwise pretty hard to find online.

That being said, you can find Anthroplex from a number of smaller retailers, though there are very few sites offering this product. Anthroplex may be available on eBay from time to time as well.

While at this time Anthroplex is only offered through a few third party channels, the company that makes this product does have a waiting list for consumers waiting on this supplement to be back in stock.

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Business of Anthroplex

Anthroplex is made by a company known as Info Wars Life, and here’s a look at their contact information:

Phone: 1-888-253-3139

Address: PO Box 19549
Austin, TX 78760

Info Wars is a news website created by the far-right personality, Alex Jones. While Info Wars is primarily an internet talk show, they’ve branched out into being something of a lifestyle brand selling all kinds of things from books to vitamins and male enhancement supplements.

While Anthroplex is still available for sale, it seems that the Info Wars Life webpage no longer has this item in stock. There is a waiting list for the product, so it looks like it should be back some time in the near future, there’s just no date for return listed. Again, the product is available for sale on sites like Amazon and several smaller retailers that sell vitamins online.

This website does not have a great reputation. A mention in Vice News claimed the Info Wars was preying on readers’ fear of the government to sell supplements. The article claims the supplements on the website are typically not backed by clinical data and regularly features endorsements from a chiropractor, Dr. Edward Group, who runs the Global Healing Center, an alternative medicine center that has been featured on Quackwatch’s questionable organizations list.

The Better Business Bureau features several documented complaints from previous consumers. Some people complained items never arrived at their home after placing an order, while others took issue with some of the products themselves.

We recommend avoiding doing business with Info Wars, the links to questionable medicine, as well as the fact this company seems to prey upon people who already distrust the government seems exploitative to us. Whether or not Anthroplex is a good product is beside the point.

Customer Opinions of Anthroplex

Unfortunately, we were unable to find many detailed reviews for this product. The official website does feature some good ratings, but the results seem to suggest they may have deleted poor or neutral reviews to protect the image, as Amazon’s collection of reviews is not as uniformly positive.

Here’s a look at what people had to say about their experience using Anthroplex:

“It seems okay. I feel like it helps balance the enzymes in my body. Not sure if I’d buy this again, but it didn’t do any harm as far as I can tell.”

“I started taking this for my libido, I’m biased because I listen to Alex’s show, but I’ve been pretty happy with the results. I think results are from horny goat weed, I’ve been meaning to try it for a while.”

“This must be made from mostly filler. I saw no changes with use, and it’s quite honestly, just too expensive for the lack of results. I don’t recommend it.”

There are conflicting opinions amongst those who have used Anthroplex, it seems it has been effective for some people, while others were quite disappointed.

Most of the positive reviews we found, however, were either on the Info Wars site, or referenced that they were fans of Alex Jones’ radio show. Another person mentioned they regularly listen to what Dr. Grouper has to say, which may be dangerous as it seems he may be regularly making false claims to sell supplements.

It’s hard to know whether this product works, as it’s a challenge to separate the product following from its affiliation with a controversial media platform. Either way, it’s a good idea to look for a product with less bias associated with reviews and endorsement.

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How Does Anthroplex Compare?
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  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Anthroplex
  • 24/100
Conclusion – Does Anthroplex Work?

After looking at Anthroplex, we’re not sure that we would recommend this product to anyone. The reviews were vague, the product is hard to find, and worst of all, it seems that Info Wars is not a good business.

First, we looked at the formula. We do like ingredients like tribulus terrestris, zinc and long jack root. They’ve been proven to be safe and effective for many men looking for a boost in their sex lives, and have been used for generations.

Epimedium is the only Anthroplex ingredient we had any issues with. It may be safe for many users, but others may experience some stomach issues or heart palpitations with use and should be aware of this possibility before taking this product.

The reviews didn’t offer much insight. Of course, the Info Wars site provided some five star reviews, but sites like Amazon were less favorable, just not very descriptive. It could have an effect on users, but there just isn’t enough data backing these claims.

Info Wars is unfortunately associated with doctors that may not hold degrees from accredited medical institutions, and do not link to or cite any clinical data that proves the supplements sold are safe and effective.

There is no information listed about how Anthroplex works, nor any endorsements. The product description states that it is a “foundational pill” for men, meant to be purchased alongside another supplement, Super Male Vitality.

Aside from the glaring issues with this company and the predatory marketing at play, this product just doesn’t have enough neutral, unbiased information suggesting one way or another, if it actually works. For all these reasons, we recommend looking for another supplement to treat ED or any other sexual issue.

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