Vimax Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Vimax is a male enhancement product that claims to produce penile growth and improve erectile function and sexual stamina. The makers of Vimax have stated the herbal formula is proven to increase penis size by up to 25%.

Vimax works by stimulating blood flow within the body, leading to firmer erections and greater energy levels. Vimax is also designed to be used to prevent premature ejaculation and improve orgasm quality.

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Vimax Ingredients and Side Effects

Vimax appears to be made from all herbal ingredients, most fairly standard in male enhancement products. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has failed to list all ingredients on an official label, but has listed them on a separate page.

Additionally, there have been reports of an undeclared ingredient present in the formula, and it’s unclear whether that is still the case. Here’s a look at what Vimax is made of:

Avena Sativa Epimedium Saw Palmetto Gingko Biloba
Panax Ginseng Dodder Seed extract Cayenne Pepper

Avena Sativa: Also known as oats, this ingredient is useful in helping with joint pain, fatigue, anxiety and a number of other conditions. Avena sativa may calm the nerves and promote blood flow.

Epimedium: An ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost libido and improve performance and staying power, Epimedium is also thought to stimulate sperm production.

  • Side effects may include rapid heartbeat and increases in blood pressure, as well as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle spasms.

Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto is primarily used to treat symptoms of an enlarged prostate, this ingredient promotes relaxation and may be used as an aphrodisiac.

  • Side effects may include dizziness, upset stomach, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.

Gingko Biloba: An herbal ingredient used to calm the nerves, boost cognitive function and improve the immune system, gingko may improve blood circulation in the body, improving erectile function.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper may not have a direct effect on erectile function, but it does have some cardiovascular benefits, stabilizing blood pressure, and reportedly improving vein and arterial elasticity.

Panax Ginseng: An ingredient long used to lower levels of stress and boost the immune system, Panax ginseng may be used as an aphrodisiac or to treat symptoms of erectile dyfunction.

Dodder Seed Extract: An herbal extract used for urinary tract health, as well as a treatment for constipation, dodder seed may have some effect on libido.

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Vimax Quality of Ingredients

In looking at the contents of Vimax, the listed ingredients are pretty good. These ingredients are used in a number of male enhancement pills and have a low risk of causing any negative side effects. However, epimedium and saw palmetto may cause some unpleasant reactions like headaches, nausea and vomiting, though these cases are fairly rare.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the listed formula for Vimax is accurate. There are two different listings on the official webpage, and one leaves off epimedium and dodder seed. Additionally, there have been reports that Vimax contains an undeclared prescription medication — with a warning issued by the FDA in 2015. It is unclear whether Vimax Group has amended this issue, but the product is produced outside the US and the same rules may not apply.

Based on what information we have about Vimax we believe there are better, more transparent products out there for treating ED or any other type of sexual dysfunction.

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The Price and Quality of Vimax

Vimax is sold on the official website for $59.95 for a one-month supply, containing 30 capsules. The website offers bundling deals if you decide to buy more of the product at a time. The price drops as low as $31.66 per bottle, should you buy 12 at a time.

At this time, it appears that the only place to purchase this product is through the official Vimax website.

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Business of Vimax

The name of the company that sells Vimax is known as the Vimax Group, and they appear to be based all over the world, with offices in the British Virgin Islands, Canada, Malaysia, France and Australia. Their contact information is as follows:

Phone: 800-381-8791


Address: Coastal Building
Wickham’s Cay II

Road Town
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The official Vimax website is poorly laid out and hard to navigate if you’re trying to shop for a male enhancement solution. The site also says the company is based in Canada, but if you look up the Vimax Group, the company’s official address is in the British Virgin Islands. It’s unclear why they tried to hide this on the Vimax page.

It seems there may be an issue with fake bottles of Vimax, as the top of the website features a graphic prompting visitors to enter the serial number on the bottle to verify if its legitimate or not.

The website for this product seems a little unprofessional, and featuring headlines like, “Racial Factors in Penis Size” and “The Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart” that came off as being somewhat offensive.

Additionally, the Help Center page and the Home Page feature a different set of ingredients listed as the official formula. The home page version leaves a few ingredients like epimedium and dodder seed off of the list. Epimedium, while safe for most people, may cause some side effects, so it’s best consumers are ware of what they are purchasing.

According to the FDA, a warning was issued for Vimax back in September of 2015, as the supplement was found to contain an undeclared ingredient, tadalafil, which is the active ingredient in the prescription drug, Cialis.

Tadalafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor, a class of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, but may have some negative reactions with other medications containing nitrates.

Based on the information listed on the website, we think it would be best to look elsewhere for a male enhancement solution. The Vimax website features conflicting information and comes across as unprofessional. The presence of undeclared ingredients also leads us to believe the formula on the site may not be up to date.

Customer Opinions of Vimax

Strangely, there are no independent consumer reviews for Vimax, despite frequent mentions online, on blog posts and in forums, as well as the fact that this product is currently still in production and available for sale.

There were plenty of testimonials stating Vimax had helped some men gain some inches in their penis, etc., but most of the positive reviews seemed as though they were fake and perhaps orchestrated by the Vimax Group. While it’s possible Vimax is a useful product, it’s a bit odd that there are no negative reviews of the product whatsoever.

Overall, it seems there are other products out there with more transparent business practices than Vimax, and we advise looking toward other solutions.

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How Does Vimax Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Vimax
  • 50/100
Conclusion – Does Vimax Work?

As we mentioned above, there simply isn’t enough legitimate information available about Vimax for us to make a judgement on whether or not it’s effective.

The website, along with the FDA warning have done little to foster a level of trust with the consumer. Not disclosing the contents of the product, particularly when there is a prescription drug present illegally is extremely dangerous and may lead to undesirable side effects for consumers who may be taking other medications.

Additionally, the mentions of penis size by race and what women’s size preferences are comes off as the wrong way to sell this product. The website showcases some vague information from a post product survey, and presents it as science, coming off as a bit misleading.

Aside from the concerns about bad business practices, it seems this product may not be effective in producing the results it advertises. For example, it’s well-known that there are no herbal solutions that cause one’s penis to grow, and there are no ingredients in the formulation thought to produce such an effect.

Our review experts have looked at thousands of products, only to determine that Viritenz is the best male enhancement solution there is. This product is formulated from tongkat ali, terrestris, L-arginine and more, known ingredients for improving symptoms of erectile dysfunction, low libido and more.

Viritenz is safely manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. To ensure customer safety, this product is subject to routine third-party inspections. For more info about Viritenz and its ingredients, click here.

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