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What is it?

Dapovar is an SSRI aimed at treating premature or rapid ejaculation. The makers of Dapovar claim this product is a more effective solution than delay cream, as it is taken orally rather than applied topically.

Dapovar works by manipulating the brain’s SSRI receptors to delay ejaculation. Dapovar claims to be an alternative to prescription sexual enhancement drugs, meant to enhance your sexual performance and pleasure.

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Dapovar Ingredients and Side Effects

The ingredients used to make Dapovar are not outlined clearly on the webpage, but we were lucky enough to find a list someone had posted online. Here’s a list of the active ingredients included in the formula, provided this information is accurate:

Griffonia Seed Extract Vitamin B6 Passiflora Kava Kava Folic Acid

Griffonia Seed Extract: A seed from a West African shrub, griffonia is the largest natural source of a compound known as 5-HTP, a serotonin precursor, the neurotransmitter that is responsible for happiness.

The official Dapovar website mentions that increases serotonin levels lead to desensitization (i.e. allowing your body to deal with pain more easily), which is the reason 5-HTP is effective in delaying ejaculation.

Vitamin B6: A vitamin found in a number of foods, vitamin B6 is used for nervous and adrenal system health, stress relief and supporting a healthy metabolism.

Kava Kava: A root found in the South Pacific, kava kava is used as a social drink, as well as a dietary supplement to help calm the nerves, relieve pain and help with insomnia.

  • Kava kava may cause users to behave as though they are under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances.
  • According to WebMD, kava kava may be dangerous for a number of people. The root has been linked to liver damage and failure, and there have been reports of deaths in healthy adults who have taken this ingredient.

Kava kava is banned in Canada and Europe, though it is legally sold in US markets.

Folic Acid: A B vitamin found in a number of grains, folic acid is used to treat and prevent a number of conditions like anemia, nerve and muscle pain and more. Folic acid is also essential in the body’s development of DNA, and is essential for the body to function properly.

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Dapovar Quality of Ingredients

In looking at the contents of Dapovar, it seems this product is geared more toward cultivating a sense of calmness and overall wellbeing, rather than an environment that supports erectile function.

While the idea of using a SSRI to help alleviate premature ejaculation is an interesting idea that’s well worth exploring, the fact that this product contains kava kava is enough to make us very wary of recommending Dapovar to anyone with sexual dysfunction.

The side effects associated with kava kava are so bad, this ingredient has been banned in multiple countries and is linked to some really terrifying reactions, particularly those concerning the liver.

Additionally, the ingredients are not listed on the website, and the manufacturers have not posted a label or referred to anything discussing what is in the formula other than SSRIs.

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The Price and Quality of Dapovar

Dapovar is sold on the official website at a regular price of $69.99 for a bottle containing a 30-day supply. The site is currently offering the product at a lower rate, $29.99 per bottle, though it’s unclear if this promotion is always going on, or if it is only available for a limited time. The discount gets steeper if you buy more at a time, and the site offers packages of three or six months’ worth of product.

We currently don’t have enough information to know whether or not Dapovar effectively treats premature ejaculation or other performance issues, but the price seems in line with the quality, provided we have up to date information regarding the formula. In terms of quality, the site never mentions which ingredients they use to yield the results advertised, which may discourage certain consumers from making a purchase.

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Business of Dapovar

Dapovar is created by a Dutch company known as Zaanstad-Noordwijk. Their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: 800-462-4700

The Dapovar website is very bare bones, and doesn’t offer any navigation or clear ways to make a purchase until you click the “order now” button. Once you click the button, you are then directed to a website that offers a bit more information, but it seems a little odd from a customer standpoint.

While Zaanstad-Noordwijk is Dutch owned, this ingredient has been approved for sale in the US and ships from the company’s Los Angeles fulfillment center. It is unclear if they are able to sell the product in Europe, due to the continent’s ban on kava kava.

The website features Dapovar for sale in one, three and six-month supplies, offering a 60-day money-back guarantee should users not be satisfied with their purchase.

Dapovar.com refers to the product as Longinexx, another male enhancement product in their checkout area, which makes the site seem a bit unprofessional.

Dapovar, unfortunately, does not provide information regarding what ingredients are included in the formula, not even where they source the 5-HTP, the key ingredient.

Additionally, there is little information available about Zaanstand-Noordwijk, nor the product, Dapovar. After evaluating the above information, it’s hard to say whether Dapovar is a good product, though the scientific info on the site makes it seem promising.

Customer Opinions of Dapovar

Based on the customer reviews we found for this product, Dapovar, it seems people experienced mixed results from taking this supplement. Unfortunately, it was rather difficult to find reviews from people who had used this product in the past, so we’re drawing from a small sample size. Here’s a look at what users had to say:

“This product has really improved my sex life. Sex lasts for around 15 minutes now, rather than less than a minute. I’m really happy with the results.”

“Dapovar was a real disappointment. I was hoping this would help with my PE, but it turned out to be a complete waste of money.”

Reviews for Dapovar were few in number, but suggested a range of results. Some users felt this product was successful in helping them with duration and overall performance, while others felt that the minimal results simply weren’t worth the price.

We’re not sure why there are so few reviews for this product, as it’s currently well stocked and is easily found through a quick online search for the product. Because we simply don’t have enough information about Dapovar and if there are any side effects, it’s hard for use to draw a conclusion as to whether or not this is a safe and effective product.

The lack of consumer information, combined with the potential for dangerous side effects lead us to believe there are better solutions out there than Dapovar.

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How Does Dapovar Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Dapovar
  • 24/100
Conclusion – Does Dapovar Work?

Based on the information outlined above, we don’t recommend using Dapovar to treat premature ejaculation or any other issues related to sexual performance.

Again, the idea that using a naturally sourced SSRI ingredient to help men overcome sexual dysfunction is a great idea, and makes Dapovar a unique and promising sounding product. However, once we took a look at the ingredient list, we couldn’t stand behind this solution.

Kava kava may be a very dangerous ingredient and shouldn’t be used without first consulting a physician. Because kava has been linked to liver problems and erratic behavior in otherwise healthy people, there’s no guarantee this product is safe.

While we appreciate that the Dapovar website features cited case studies outlining the sexual benefits of increasing serotonin levels, as well as the thorough information about the product, we found it strange that there were hardly any consumer reviews of this product.

After looking at a broad range of sexual performance supplements, our review experts have discovered that Viritenz is the most effective product in the male enhancement market. The supplement is made using a blend of all-natural ingredients like tongkat ali, ginseng, maca root and tribulus terrestris, all proven to safely treat erectile dysfunction, and other sexual issues.

Viritenz is made in an FDA-compliant facility, and is subject to regular quality control inspections. To learn more about the benefits of taking Viritenz, click here.

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