Daily Challenges Create a Better You with MeYouHealth

We often talk of getting healthier or “bettering ourselves,” but what does that really mean? Some focus on their weight, others may focus more on their diet, or to some “bettering” may refer to kicking bad habits. Regardless of the issues one may want to improve, all can agree that actually taking the steps towards a goal is the hardest part. MeYouHealth may have created one of the most relevant and feasible ways to create a better you.

MeYouHealth labels themselves as the “social well-being company.” Their mission is to help people acquire and maintain a more healthful lifestyle one day at a time. The company has a Daily Challenge feature for their members. A member will receive an email with just one thing to do that day to improve their well-being. The concept is based off of behavior science that has shown how people often fail to achieve their goals because they are typically set too high.

Daily Challenge is different. A suggestion is sent at 7 am so the member has all day to complete the task. It’s typically just one small action related to healthy living. The member logs the task on the site and they are awarded as they go. Additionally the member is encouraged by the social network comprised of other members.

Jan Baxter is a MeYouHealth member. She’s also a blogger at healthylosergal.com. She explained how the daily challenges have aided her in her weight loss.

“I have been on a weight loss journey for the past two years and joined The Daily Challenge at just about that same time.  As a result of their simple challenges I have two or three that have stayed with me and truly improved my routine.  One thing that I do daily now during the work week is stretch at my desk.  It may seem like nothing to stretch but when you’re in a hectic, deadline paced job, sometimes just getting up to go for a walk is put on the back burner. Now, thanks to the Daily Challenge, I do this nearly daily and feel better and more refreshed each time.”

Some other examples of daily challenges have included incorporating an antioxidant rich food into your diet or even drawing a pie chart of how your time is divided each day and thinking about how you wish the chart looked instead.

The social media manger for MeYouHealth, Alicia Benjamin, shared why she believes MeYouHealth and Daily Challenge is so effective.

“I think what sets Daily Challenge apart is that we merge social networking science (the impact your connections have on your health) and behavior change methodology together in order to understand how to create an online program that’s not only highly engaging but also going to lead to improved well-being.”

One task at a time. One challenge a day. This concept seems more realistic than buying a 30 chapter book and attempting to do it all at once. MeYouHealth may have hit the nail on the head for what our face paced society needs to improve our well-being.

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