Welcome Gretchen!

Another big introduction this week- welcome Gretchen Wilcox to Diets In Review! We’re thrilled to have her on board with us sharing insights in the Diet Reviews, as well as keeping you updated in the Diet Column. Hailing from the Northwest, she brings generous experience in dieting and can even recommend the perfect glass of wine.Gretchen Wilcox writes for Diets In Review

Naturally curious, you can often find Gretchen Wilcox reading an encyclopedia for fun. When not spending (the majority) of her time raising two young sons, she is also a 20+ year food/wine professional, and has been married to her husband Graham, a professional chef, for 16 years. As a former pageant contestant and sometimes model, Gretchen has spent a lifetime trying to figure out how to “have it all”; a lifestyle that includes gourmet food and wine, while still allowing her to fit into her wardrobe.

After the birth of her first son, now age 14, Gretchen embarked on a career with the weight loss giant, Jenny Craig International. While helping thousands of men, women and teens lose millions of pounds, she learned first hand that weight loss happens not just in the body, but more importantly, in the mind.

Now 40 years old, Gretchen is looking earnestly towards the second half of her life, and how to help people make the body/mind connection. Now studying psychology with a minor in criminal justice, she is looking forward to a career in working with juveniles at risk, and teaching them to focus their mind’s eye on a life that is productive, rich and rewarding.

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