The Guardian Launches Start Happy

Guardian Lifestyle FeaturesIf the winter grey is making your weight loss and health goals look pretty bleak, The Guardian has a dose of rainbow-bright cheer to get you energized again. The new lifestyle series endorses a positive and balanced approach to leading a healthier life.

Start Happy features a variety of “Get Fit for Free” articles, from an eight-week walking plan to ten everyday exercises that you can do around the house. There’s also expert advice on running, walking, outdoor workouts, improving your flexibility and more. There are even workout videos that show you how to ditch the gym and workout at home. They also have inspirational stories about everyday people who are leading exemplary lives, like the story of a 72-year-old yoga instructor.

The main goal of the site seems to be presenting health and nutrition information in a straight forward manner that encourages readers (and viewers) to talk action. You won’t find lists of forbidden foods or hard-to-follow diet plans, just easy-to-use advice.

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