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dietsinreview newsletterAt, we’re commited to helping individuals just like you lead healthy, fit lives. With a dedicated team of health and wellness professionals, more diet reviews than any other site, and a robust collection of information you can use, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to each day.

That’s why we have a number of health-focused newsletters, allowing each member of our community to receive the news that they are most interested in reading. Learn more about our free newsletters and subscribe to one, two or all of the issues that best suit your lifestyle.

dir Newsletter

  • General newsletter featuring the best content from the site
  • Delivers every other Tuesday
  • Feature health topics like diabetes, cancer prevention, seasonal fitness tips, and more!
  • Two healthy recipes you and your family will love!
  • The newest diet reviews
  • Feature video or slideshow
  • Giveaway notifications
  • Latest diet blog articles

biggest loserBiggest Loser Updates Newsletter

  • For die-hard fans of NBC’s Biggest Loser
  • Delivers each Wednesday following new episodes of Biggest Loser
  • Eliminated contestant interview
  • Eliminated contestant slideshow of their journey
  • Episode recap video with former Biggest Loser contestants (for season nine, it’s Amanda Arlauskas!)
  • Biggest Loser recipes
  • The latest news about the show, contestants and trainers
  • Contestant weight loss tracker

eat live laughNatural Health Newsletter

  • For those seeking a more natural or holistic approach to wellness
  • Written by our resident holistic health counselor, Amy Vermeer; in partnership with
  • Delivers monthly
  • Feature health or nutrition article, including healthier cooking, reading food labels and disease prevention
  • Recipe of the month
  • Giving back – showcasing a new charitable organization each month
  • In the news – highlighting natural health-related news items

momMom to Mom Newsletter

  • Created specifically for moms leading a healthy lifestyle and dedicated to creating one for their families
  • Written by our Chief Mom, Carmen Staicer
  • Delivers monthly
  • Focused on:
    • Family: Learn about a new way your family can spend quality time together, like a craft project or other activity
    • Fitness: Tips for how you can stay active, and keep it interesting, with or without the kids
    • Food: Featuring a new healthy recipe each month
    • Fun: Because there’s always time to enjoy the day! Includes play lists, family-friendly jokes, and more!

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