Special K Aims at Long-Term Weight Loss Management

dare to wear red uk adIn the UK, the message of “confidence” is being pushed even further, where Special K has partnered with Glamour magazine and Max Factor cosmetics to promote a “Dare to Wear Red” campaign that combines weight loss advise with beauty tips. The links between self-confidence and better health are nothing to be scoffed at, however hawking a weight loss plan and lipstick at the same time exposes the Special K Challenge’s superficiality.

Kellogg’s efforts to recreate the Special K’s image is nothing new. “Special K has been around for almost 60 years,” says registered dietitian Mary Hartley. “so they have try new things to make an old product sell.  I’ve seen it promoted as high protein, low fat, and high fiber over the years to match which way the wind is blowing.”

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