Ruby says, “Let’s Make the Impossible Possible!”

Ruby provides us with a great outlook on how to approach this new year and trying to be healthy. This video below is a great, short but sweet motivational spill by Ruby. She states just that, your focus should be on health, not “trying to be skinny like a tooth pick.”

ruby gettingerToo often our society falls victim to the unrealistic idea of being super petite/thin, which for almost everyone is an unlikely outcome. We just aren’t built to be tall and thin like a rail. We all have different builds and weight is proportioned on our body in many different ways. Your focus for this new year should be on being healthy and making healthy lifestyle decisions (i.e. through diet and exercise, stress reduction, etc.). Trust me, once you do make these healthy changes you’ll drop unwanted pounds and you’ll be so proud and happy with yourself.

Ruby also touches on a good point of making your mind and will connect…having your will power and mind be on the same page for success. Being mentally prepared is a huge component to making lifestyle changes, remember to stay positive and motivated!

She provides us with a motivating source, “let’s make the impossible possible!” I wish you luck as you embark on your 2009 resolution path and making the impossible possible. (Ruby’s already lost 104 pounds!!!)

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