Jennifer Aniston Voted Best Workout Buddy

Jennifer Aniston, known for her flawless skin and yoga-sculpted body, was voted best workout buddy and health inspiration.

In a survey at Fitness Magazine, the actress trumped Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Bergara, Cameron Diaz and Blake Lively, but she wasn’t the only celebrity who placed Britney Spears as Best Career Makeover, and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge for the Best Celeb Wardrobe.

Aniston was recognized for her ability to inspire people to work out, which is not surprising to those familiar with her diet, beauty and body routine. Aniston, who has been linked to The Zone Diet and Yogalosophy works out with Mandy Ingber. The Stir has reported that when Aniston is shooting a movie, she wakes up at dawn to work out for two hours per day, which includes yoga and time on the elliptical trainer or treadmill.

Aniston admits that she works hard for her killer body. In 2010 she told The Daily Mirror that there is no secret to maintaining a healthy weight and stellar figure

“It’s simple. [I] run, work out every day. I do a lot of running — exercise is so important,” Aniston said.

While working out daily is an excellent habit, most fitness experts suggest easing into a fitness routine with 20 minutes of cardio per day. Anyone beginning a new workout regimen should consult with a personal trainer or exercise specialist to discuss a plan that combines cardio, like running or cross-training, with strength training, yoga or pilates.

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