Best Life Diet Announces Free Access to Recipes and Nutrition Guidance

Everyone embraces the new year in their own way, and over at Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet, they celebrated with a makeover! Unveiled today, the site has an entirely updated look as it welcomes new and old members ready to invest in living their best life. It’s easier than ever to navigate the site and find exactly what you’re looking for – be it recipes, the blog, or their Fitness Friday features.

“I’m very excited about’s new look and having so much amazing content available to all who visit,” Bob Greene told us. “It takes what I feel to be THE premier diet and lifestyle site and makes it even more user friendly.”

The other big change – (most of) is free and open now. In an exclusive release to DietsInReview, The Best Life announced that with the new year they are now making all of their editorial content free. This includes their articles, blogs and recipes. They’re eliminating the “cost of entry” that health and fitness tends to carry.

Hundreds of articles with health, nutrition, and fitness guidance are now available to anyone craving a healthier lifestyle; not to mention a library of recipes designed by Best Life chefs and nutritionists that truly are something worth craving! Who wouldn’t love a guilt-free Blackberry Peach Crumble or Cajun Oven Fried Chicken? Those are examples of some of the hundreds of free recipes now available to all who visit The Best Life.

“I made a point to start this program working with the best people in publishing, health, fitness, wellness and food to make us the most useful healthy lifestyle tool on the market and am thrilled that their work can be viewed by all of our site visitors,” said Bob Greene, creator of The Best Life and Oprah’s trainer for 15 years, in a press release.

Greene has long espoused simple approaches for better fitness and eating, and his many appearances over the years on Oprah’s talk show made his knowledge available to the masses. With the start of a new year and new resolutions, his Best Life approach is now more accessible than ever.

With all the resolution and goal-setting noise, Greene and his Best Life team actually want you to forget about those and focus on just opening yourself up to the idea of change. His “Make Room for Your Best Life Yet” tips include:

Finding Your Motivation by digging deep and making a list of the real reasons you want to lose weight.

Scheduling Fitness by blocking out time on your calendar as appointments to hit the gym, a run, yoga class, or just a walk around the neighborhood.

Making Time to Prepare Meals by creating weekly meal plans, utilizing healthful convenience foods (think frozen veggies and ready-made rotisserie chickens), and using healthy resources like Best Life’s recipes.

Becoming a Personal Detective by journaling what you’re eating, when and how much you’re exercising, and even how you feel.

Creating a Support Team by recruiting friends and family to hold you accountable and to be there when you need them most.

When you visit, you can try the membership for free for 30 days and get more out of your Best Life experience. You’ll have access to member tools, plans, and more. Should you continue you on with a full membership, it’s a mere $6 per month when you pay for the annual subscription. For the cost of one fast food value meal, you can get a full month of some of the best nutrition and fitness guidance out there.

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