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  • thumbNikki Haskell's Star Shape

    A diet supplement by the diet queen to the stars.

  • thumbThe Good Mood Diet

    Keep your blood sugar levels (and your mood) under control.

  • thumbBurner Balm

    A lip balm that boosts metabolism and slims you down.

  • thumbThe Decaf Diet

    Reduce your caffeine intake and reduce your weight.

  • thumbBullsEye7

    Finally hit the bullseye on your weight loss goal.

  • thumbViv 5 Fusion Energy

    An all-natural energy drink to combat stress.

  • thumb5-Hour Energy Shots

    The number one selling energy product in the country.

  • thumbRejuvinX

    A two-part cellulite cream with fat-burning caffeine.

  • thumbBodySolution

    Three creams expertly designed to get rid of cellulite.

  • thumbFRS Healthy Energy

    Health and energy in one flavorful, low-calorie drink.

  • thumbXenadrine

    A diet pill that promises weight loss through calorie and fat burning.

  • thumbXimo

    An energy drink with ephedra.

  • thumbBrazilian Diet Kit

    A combination of diet pills containing guarana and green tea.

  • thumb5 Day Miracle Diet

    Adele Puhn says the secret to dieting is timing.

  • thumbEssential Living Weight Loss

    A supplement that doesn't think diet and fitness are essential.


    Designed specifically with the needs of women in mind.

  • thumbGreen Tea

    Long a staple of Eastern society, proponents tout multiple health benefits.

  • thumbDexatrim

    Supplement has been around for more than 25 years.

  • thumbLipoBurn

    Those adverse to caffeine need to be wary.

  • thumbCylaris

    A vitamin-packed weight loss supplement.