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  • The New Evolution Diet

    What are ancestors can teach us about diet, fitness and health.

  • Coronary Artery Disease Diet

    Follow a health lifestyle to prevent plaque built-up in your arteries.

  • Fit for Life

    A permanent weight loss plan that guarantees health.

  • Eat for Health

    A four-phased program by the author of Eat to Live.

  • The Paleo Diet

    A diet that follows the eating style of our primate ancestors.

  • Fruitarian Diet

    A diet consisting of strictly uncooked fruits and raw foods.

  • The CR Way

    Following the calorie restriction diet method for health and longevity.

  • Asian Slim Secrets

    Tap into the slimming secrets of the Asian lifestyle.

  • Eating for Energy

    A complete diet and fitness program with a focus on raw foods.

  • Fasting Diet

    Is this method healthy, or are you exposing your body to harsh treatment?

  • Volumetrics

    Never go hungry again, and still lose weight.

  • My Pyramid

    Here are the government's dietary recommendations.

  • Super Foods Rx

    Certain foods stand above and beyond all others.

  • Vegan Diet

    A lifestyle that embraces the organic.

  • Vegetarian Diet

    A diet without meat offers vast health benefits.

  • Eat More Weigh Less

    You'll eat plenty of tasty food, just no meat.

  • High Fiber Diet

    If you find that you have trouble getting enough fiber in your diet, here's your plan.

  • Juice Diet

    You will lose weight... but at what cost?

  • Macrobiotic Diet

    Learn about the yin and yang of healthy eating.

  • Raw Diet

    Put away those pot and pans... you won't need them anymore.